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Posted 2018-05-03T23:56:06Z


Hello All,

Brian and I recieved "Hopeful NEWS" since March 13th I had the best sleep ever last night.

We learned yesterday from the PET SCAN that there is no other Cancer in Brian's body just 2 masses on his liver. They were also smaller than we were previously told.

First option for treatment. We may be able to do a surgery where they kill the masses on his liver with heat. In layman's terms microvave the Cancer. So, we will go and find out thorugh ultrsound if they can do this without rupturing and vessels. If it's possible Brian will do this first. If the surgery is too risky than we go to option 2.

The Immuno therapy will work for Brian because:

The PD_L1 test said that the Immuno therapy tested positive. Which is amazing NEWS!!!

Is this cure? Its a one day at a time adventure and nothing is certain. All I have now is Hope that Ill have more time with Brian that I thought I had which for me means more than anything.

Trevor :-)  

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  • Linfa

    That's amazing news Trevor...i will keep you in my prayers my Beautiful cousin!!

    2 years ago · Reply
  • Tara Hinecker-Jacques
    Tara Hinecker-Jacques

    What positive news! That’s good to hear.

    2 years ago · Reply