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Gary Gary

Hi Bri
Way to go Houdinsky!

Shelagh Bouttell Shelagh Bouttell

Thanks for reposting this Trevor and Brian! Way simpler with this link to the home screen!! It has been a real gift to be able to spend time with you Brian, and I’m looking forward to more. I love your quiet and sardonic strength and humor in this process.... it is very inspiring to me. I stole this photo from Facebook the other day and thought you’d like it! Love and hugs, Shelagh

Michael Lemaire Michael Lemaire

Congratulations on your marriage. Rose and I think of you both always and send you lots of love and courage during this incredibly difficult time. Brian, I may not have met you yet, but please know I have thought of you often since receiving the news because I know how much you mean to Trevor. I do hope to meet you one day. Cancer is a disease I have always feared, not so much for myself but for the ones I love. I feel so deeply for what both of you are going through and all I can do is give you my sincerest positive thoughts and best wishes.

Linfa Linfa

Sending lots of Love and Light to you and Trevor! 💜💜

Mariah-Jane Mariah-Jane

Dear Brian, I can't imagine why you have to go thru this again. It is simply not fair. All I can say, is I know you have a ton of support in the love of Trevor and friends and family. already proven you can beat one cancer so I guess it time to tell your liver cancer to F*#! Off. Sending you love and strength so you can kick its ass.