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End of Watch: January 28, 2019

As many of you have heard already, Brian died last night around 11pm. He was surrounded by all his closest family, and sent on his way with as much love and longing as anyone could hope for. We are relieved at the end of his tremendous suffering, and devastated by our loss as it arrives in full.

There’s so much to say, and it’s almost all beyond words (even for a preacher). I’ll stick to the details at this point:


Friday, February 1 from 1-8pm at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Ferndale: 540 W. Lewiston Ave; Ferndale, MI. The social hall is west of the church building. Brian wanted a party, so this will be a party.


Saturday, February 2 at 11am at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Plymouth: 574 S. Sheldon Rd; Plymouth, MI. Luncheon to follow at Plymouth Manor: 345 N. Main St; Plymouth, MI.

In lieu of flowers, the family invites donations to the Kidney Cancer Association or the Humane Society.   

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