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TERRY (16) TERRY (16)

RIP Brian... May care and love of those around you provide comfort and peace to get your family and kids through the days ahead. My most sincere condolences. I volunteered to stand vigil in front of your house 3PM-11PM today thru Friday to watch your house, shovel snow, whatever you need-really... so you'll be seeing me a lot!

Matthew Lawrence Matthew Lawrence

Sending love, dear Clare. So so sorry. M

Martha Wallace Martha Wallace

Just heard that Brian died. Thinking of you in the midst of grieving and sending my love. If I can do a more tangible thing, you have only to ask. My prayers for Brian in his next journey are ongoing. Love, Martha

Bonnie (Mallon) Behnke Bonnie (Mallon) Behnke

So very sorry to hear of Brian’s passing, but firmly believe he is in a better place!
Please know in your heart you made his stay here as pleasant as possible. Take time to treasure the good times!
My best to the whole family as they work through their grief. Bonnie

Nora Nora

Dearest Clare,
I've thought of you so much today. This first day you might be experiencing so many different emotions. The world may seem surreal. You may lose track of time in the days ahead. You're no doubt exhausted and just plain weary to your bones and yet there seems to be so much expected of you. I know there are those gathering around you, please lean on them as much as you can.
Love and prayers,

Joe c Joe c

Clare and all, my heart aches for you and your family as you grieve the loss of Brian. You all put up a brave and courageous fight. May he now rest and await what comes next for him.
Joe & Juan

Debra Walker Debra Walker

Just heard about Brian moving on to be with our Lord. Such sad news, my heart aches for his family and friends; yet joy lingers knowing he is now free of pain. May God bless you all.
Deb Walker
FUMC Bonita

Harry Soppe Harry Soppe

Prayers and best wishes are sent your way Skip and Harry

TERRY (16) TERRY (16)

Dear Claire, is Brian accepting visitors? We really want to see him. Please let us know as soon as possible... Thank you.

Jane Cullen Jane Cullen

Dear Brian and Clare,
We want you to know that we are very much thinking of you both and you are very much in our prayers at this difficult and awful time. We rang Dorothy and John yesterday to catch up with them and they gave us the link so that we could send our love to you. Do take care and keep positive. Lots of love from us all in the UK.

Lots of love from Vivien (Mary), Jane, Andrew, Lulu, JIm, Emily and Alex

Jean Manning Jean Manning

Thinking of your struggle each day which pains me as you head the list of people who should not be going through this, We pray each day for a sudden miracle to swallow a pill and be back to normal, Concerns for you both and for my friends Barbara and Bryan back home in the UK are with me always, She was treated for an ulcer for six months before correctly diagnosed by the right people, Now in their hands all the stops are being pulled for her palliative care, Praying for a glimmer of light through the haze. My love to you both and your family, x

Kevin Green Kevin Green

You all remain in my prayers. So sorry that the problems aren't abating and instead increasing. Love and best wishes to all!

Ann Cohen Ann Cohen

Brian and Clare,
I am so sorry that this is happening to you - the word "unfair" seems too meager by far.
My thoughts and prayers are with you -
Ann C

Richard Borer Richard Borer

Clare and Brian,

Your journey is so arduous and unrelenting. I hope there are moments of respite along the way. Glimmers of light through the cold overcast haze; a smile. a laugh. an embrace. A moment where you two connect with one-another -- physically, emotionally. Affirming the love between you.

I pray for frequent glimmers for all of you and your family members... for many miracles... for bountiful blessings -- perhaps God is making blessings happen out of your experience -- so difficult physically... so difficult emotionally. Blessings that are seen; that we are aware of (cherishing those "glimmers"). blessings that are unseen; that we are not aware of. Blessings in your lives. Blessings in others' lives. I have struggles that seem so daunting. And yours is so much more challenging. Not only does it make me pray and hope that miracles befall you daily, but it fills me with resolve to carry on. Just as you two are carrying on. Your situation is such a testament to what the travails of life can be. Perhaps you inspire others. Perhaps neither you nor I can fathom how much you are and will inspire others (all those that read these posts... all the parishioners... everyone that is touched by your situation).

It is such a difficult path that has been laid out for you two. I pray for God to grant you the resolve and stamina, and patience, and love to Journey on. One day at a time.




One more step -- in front of the other.

and then one more step...

May God's love be with you every step.

elizabeth Betty suprosky elizabeth Betty suprosky

Thank you Clare for the update as hard as is is to let us all know how your both feeling and Thank God for Vernors coming from an old Michigander. I have been reading all the posts and am over whelmed by the wonderful friends you both have made in your life. It proves to me GOD is good, we sometimes find reasons to doubt it, but remember no matter how hard the reality of his love is he never leaves us. I pray for you and your family. Betty Suprosky