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Troy Sherrer - Journal

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Posted 2015-06-10T23:36:38Z


left us at 8:05 this morning. He went very peacefully and quietly in his sleep. I was able to get a ticket to fly up there, so I am currently in Seattle waiting to board my last flight to Anchorage. Thank you so much to all of you for your support and love. Will post more later.

Posted 2015-06-09T02:53:57Z

Called Mom

a little bit ago, and she put the phone up to Troy's ear so that I could talk to him.  He is now on a morphine pump to help keep him comfortable, and doesn't get out of bed much, except to go to the bathroom.[...]

Posted 2015-06-08T19:35:24Z

Troy's prognosis

After taking some blood, the Dr has given us a prognosis on our Troy-boy.  Based upon his blood work, the fluid and other toxic build-up in his poor body, plus his kidney failure, the Dr has said he has a couple of more days.[...]

Posted 2015-06-08T03:48:12Z

Troy is having

a tough time today.  The fluid build-up in his body is putting major pressure on his organs, as well as his diaphragm, making it hard to breathe.  The Dr is doing all he can but, at this point, all they can really do is try to make him comfortable.  They are going to try a different antibiotic to see if that will help.[...]

Posted 2015-05-29T05:41:00Z

Continuing to improve

Troy is continuing to improve. He's still in the hospital and will likely go to an assisted living facility once he's discharged to help get him back to full health. We think he's getting close! The doctors say it will take awhile for his body to recover. He's weak from being in the hospital for several weeks and not being able to eat a lot. He's started physical therapy to help get his strength back, so he's on the right track! [...]

Posted 2015-05-21T22:35:21Z

"He's out of the woods." ☺

And we all cried upon hearing that.  Of course, things could turn on a dime.  So, while being out of the woods is significant, his health will never be the same; there's just been too much damage done to his poor body.  He is definitely going to have to have a liver transplant, but won't even be able to get on the list for about 6 months.  He can NEVER touch another drop of alcohol, and will have to be closely monitored by a Dr. [...]