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Posted 2015-06-09T02:53:57Z

Called Mom

a little bit ago, and she put the phone up to Troy's ear so that I could talk to him.  He is now on a morphine pump to help keep him comfortable, and doesn't get out of bed much, except to go to the bathroom.

He can't breathe very well, so wasn't able to talk much, but he told me he loved me and I told him how much I loved him, and how I'm there with him, even if I can't physically be there.

I think Mom is planning on spending the night, so I may call and check in again later this evening.  Will try and keep everyone updated as much as possible.

If you would like to leave a message for someone to read to him, please feel free to do so either here, or on Facebook.  His group page (In Support of Troy Sherrer) would be best, so that they can all be easily found in one place.  And, again, if anyone is able to make a donation, Troy has said he wants to be cremated and his ashes released over McGrath, so we can definitely use the help.  You can make a donation either on this website, or at  And again, thank you all so much for being there for Troy, and for all of us.  Please continue to keep Troy in your thoughts, and prayers.

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  • Tinamarie Sexton
    Tinamarie Sexton

    My heart aches for Troy, you and your family....So much love being sent to you all...If we can do anything, as we remember not so long ago....Asking Dustin to Angel over Troy <3

    5 years ago · Reply