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To communicate with friends and family - Mom's condition, visits to the hospital, etc.

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Posted 2019-03-26T11:37:25Z

2019.03.26 Update

Jenny, Joey, and Dad were able to spend some time with Mom yesterday and I was able to see her over lunch and in the evening. She was able to eat small amounts of pudding and yogurt and drink some fluids. She was put back on an IV to help replenish some fluids .. this seemed to wake her up a bit. She's fighting hard but is in a very tough situation! Her strength is still pretty low and she prefers to sleep most of the time.

Biopsy was moved to this morning so that she could have a little more time to regain strength. Biopsy results will not be back for a week .. we don't expect the results to be positive but are hopeful that she can regain some strength and comfort for the time being and we can spend some valuable time with her. The whole family will be back this weekend to help keep her company so she will not be alone! 

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