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Posted 2014-10-19T23:56:00Z

10/19 Update from the Buzards

We are so grateful for so many friends (and friends of friends and family) that are following this journey, praying for us, checking on us, taking care of life details for us, visiting us, and sending us care packages.  We are humbled and amazed that we have such an army of people that are journeying this with us.  We are not alone, and we're so grateful for that. 

Now that we're two weeks into kicking cancer's tuckus, we have a few updates we wanted to share:

FUN UPDATE: Thank you for all the sweet gifts, cards, notes, and messages.  Our neighbors are surely speculating that we've turned into hoarders or online shopping addicts as our front porch has been decorated with amazon boxes and other fun packages daily.  You all are fun, generous, and so thoughtful! A few of our gifts have been mystery gifts. We're working on sending notes as we have time and energy (please have patience with us), so if you never get a thank you message, chances are we don't know you gifted us.  Feel free to "out" yourself. Again, we're so humbled and grateful!

HEALTH UPDATE: No day is the same.  Adam felt really rough during his 40 hour week of chemo (as one might expect):Nausea, fatigue, hiccups from hades...  He lost a lot of weight and slept a lot. By Wednesday of this week, Adam started to improve. The nausea subsided and he had more energy.  By more energy, I mean he had energy to do dishes, and then had to lay down for 30 minutes, but more energy nonetheless.  Apparently chemo isn't like sickness, it's more like an adventure. There's no predicting how Adam will feel from one hour to the next. So we're learning to embrace the present and take care of Adam well in each moment.  That means there will be social moments when he wants visitors, and quiet moments when we have to decline. Thanks for journeying that with understanding and care.

PRAYER UPDATE: Adam has been so much less sick (nausea-wise) than we expected he would be this week which is a huge answer to prayers. Thank you for continuing to pray with us!  Adam's white blood cell count is low (thanks to chemo).  Please pray they come up so that he can continue to fight the cancer and sickness and handle the chemo. Tis the season for all the germs, so please pray that Adam stays healthy from other bugs. And while you're at it, pray I stay healthy, too. I'm in and out of schools all day long, and I don't want to pick up bugs  (Also, side note, please don't be offended if we ask you to overload on hand sanitizer if you visit and to stay away if your'e not feeling well, we have to protect him while he's vulnerable).

We love you guys!  Thank you for being so amazing, so kind, and so supportive.




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  • Margaret Baunach
    Margaret Baunach

    Thanks for sharing ya'll journey!!You guys are such an inspiration! I will continue to pray for you guys!! "InHim, Margaret Baunach(Molly's Aunt)

    8 years ago · Reply