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Posted 2015-03-05T21:11:09Z

4 Surgeons, 4 Tumors, and 7 Hours Later

Hey friends,

Thank you for your amazing love and support this week. We have continued to be amazed at how caring, compassionate, and concerned our people are. Thank you for the prayers, cards, messages, and check ins. I'm sorry that I can't respond to each message with the love and care they're sent in - it has been a wild week - know that your encouragement has been amazingly needed and appreciated.

Adam's surgery on Tuesday was adventurous (understatement of a lifetime). The surgeons warned us beforehand that this would be "the most major surgery someone can undergo" so we went in with a fair amount of trepidation. We're leaving with even more trepidation.

The hope was that Adam would have 2 surgeries at once to remove the rest of the tumors in his body that are located throughout his trunk. The 3 surgeons that collaborated on this surgery planned to start with his abdominal cavity and if all went well, move to his chest cavity. As one of our surgeons put it, they cut Adam from Vicksburg to Memphis. Translation: Adam's incision runs straight down the middle of his stomach from his sternum to pretty close to the end of the road. That's about a foot long incision on a person Adam's height.

What they found when they got into his abdomen, was that one of the tumors was fused to his aorta (apparently we can thank chemo for the fusion). If you aren't into science and anatomy, the aorta is the main artery that runs through the body from one's heart through their abdomen to their legs, distributing oxygen to the whole body. Because Adam is so healthy and young, his aorta is soft and when they removed the tumor, the aorta ripped in several places. They called in a Vascular Surgeon (4th surgeon) who tried to repair the artery but it was irreparable, so they removed a section and replaced it with an artificial part that will need monitored long-term, and may need to be replaced a long way down the road. Because of the tear, Adam lost a lot of blood in surgery, and had to have transfusions. Adam almost lost his kidneys during surgery as well, but amazingly, they were able to save both.

Thankfully, in the midst of all of the chaos, they were still able to remove all 4 tumors in his abdomen (1 grapefruit sized and 3 golf ball sized) and all of the lymph nodes (which seem to be the best host for his tumor growth). Unfortunately, because of all of the complications, all the blood loss, and the length of surgery (7 hours), they were not able to do the chest surgery - which means Adam will still have to have another surgery when he recovers from this one.

Because of the severity of the surgery, Adam was placed in the ICU, and remains there. Adam's body went through a lot of trauma, and they are monitoring his vitals to be sure he's stable before moving him down to inpatient. Adam has made so much progress since his first night in the ICU when he was intubated and on a breathing tube. He's already begun physical therapy and is gaining some energy. But he has a long way to go.

Will you keep praying with us? God has already done so many miracles! The fact that Adam is still alive after Tuesday is a total miracle! But we need some more miracles, we are not out of the deep water yet.

Please be specifically praying for:

NO infection, blood clots, or surprises.

FOR him to breathe on his own, for his heart rate to slow and steady, and for his blood pressure to come up.

In spite of the incredible pain Adam is in, he maintains his amazing personality. He's still being hilarious and sweet and of course, all the medical staff love him. I'm amazed at his strength and ability to stay positive in the midst of this incredibly hard season. 

Thank you for being our friends, our supports, and our army!




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Comments (7)

  • Christel Prezalor
    Christel Prezalor

    Allison and Adam, I am praying for you both. I know that we are not that close and we don't talk often, but I have followed your story closely and with prayer. Before all of this began, I read your blogs and admired your walks with Christ. Now I am even more in awe of the strength and trust you exhibit. Still, I am sure that in the midst of all this there is incredible fear and pain. This is such a difficult road you are traveling. I am praying for Adam for complete healing in your body. I am praying that God will be glorified through your trials and that His strength will be made perfect when you are weak. Allison, I know it must be hard to be the strong support that Adam needs through this, so I pray that God will lift you up and renew your strength when you are spent. I say to both of you, because of your faith in this situation, God's name is being magnified. I pray for you as you continue to fight the good fight. Your friends and family stand with you in this time. God is in control. (I know you are overwhelmed and exhausted, so I don't expect a response to this note. Just know that I am praying).

    9 years ago · Reply
  • Lindsey Fletcher
    Lindsey Fletcher

    I'm praying for you both. Your optimism is certainly incredibly inspiring, even in the midst of such a traumatic time. One could only hope to be such a gift to those around them.

    9 years ago · Reply
  • Mariana

    Allison ur both my prayers as ur by Adam's side. Here is a prayer: Precious Lord, take Adam's hand & lead him on, let him stand, he is tired, he is weak from this extensive surgery. Through the storm, through the night-lead him to the light. Take his hand, embrace him w/your love & strength. May all the prayers across the miles give Adam & Allison the courage to wait upon u Lord & trust your strength on this journey. Admiring & loving u both. Mariana & Kaitlin

    9 years ago · Reply
  • Adam Aukerman
    Adam Aukerman

    Adam and Allison, I'm praying for you. Thanking Jesus for the miracles thus far, and praying for many more.

    9 years ago · Reply
  • Noel Hafer
    Noel Hafer

    So sorry you all have to go through this. You faith and love for each other is beautiful. I will be praying for no infections, blood clots or surprises. And for strength and peace for you. Love in Christ, Noel

    9 years ago · Reply
  • Alun Leppitt
    Alun Leppitt

    Dear Adam & Alison My heart reaches out to you both, and I ask the Lord of angel armies to send messengers of healing to Adams bedside to minister to every fibre of his being, I pray that Holy Spirit would hover with healing over his bed just as He brooded over the waters of creation releasing a vibration into Adams body that would destroy every ungodly thing, every tumour, and I ask Papa God that he would breath His life giving breath into this Adam as he did in the beginning that life and healing restoration would come into this physical frame, in the unmatched name of Jesus! I break all trauma off you both and give you peace beyond understanding to sleep in this storm of unknowing all the while knowing that you are safe in the everlasting arms of the Father.... Amen You won't know me but you blog was posted by a dear friend of mine Andy Rowley. I know something of what Adam is going through so I identify with you both, I had a ten hour abdominal surgery last March... The culmination of 20+ years of chronic inflammatory bowel disease... I say that to tell you my journey I'd one to see the manifest healing power of God in every life we touch. And scripture tells us that where the their is caught he has to repay that which was stolen seven times. May God bless you and keep you and make His glorious presence shine over you ... Alun Leppitt (Southampton, UK )

    9 years ago · Reply
  • Wilma Ellsworth
    Wilma Ellsworth

    Wow. That's so much to go through! So thankful for you and Adam!! You are both teaching us so much about faith and courage. I'm sure Adam is blessing his caregivers and he doesn't even know it! Thank you for the update. Im always remembering you in my prayers! Be encouraged.

    9 years ago · Reply