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No need to be humble: We were pretty smart to plan in a month of fun before this next big surgery. It has been a year full of lots of not-so-fun things that have been dictated to us by (our very competent) medical staff. But we wanted June to be different, and we’re so glad we pushed back the next surgery date for a few weeks and were intentional about planning in some fun. It has been really restorative for us in a lot of ways. Thank you to those who cheered us on, treated us to fun, donated to fun, supported our having fun, and participated in our fun. You really are the best people.

Want to know what we did?  Yeah, you really do.  We nominated some of our fun for superlatives:

1. Most relaxing: Our lake-house rest-cation. Some friends very generously invited us to stay at their lake house for a long weekend. We set our alarms for stunning sunrises, read good books in the sun, and pioneered a canoe trip. It was a really perfect weekend.

2. Most Anticipated: The last hoorah of our month of fun was the US Men’s National Soccer Team vs. Guatemala game. This is the TRUE reason Adam pushed his surgery back a few weeks. And it was totally worth it!

3. Sweetest: We went to our college 10 year reunion in sweet ole Wilmore, Kentucky and had the sweetest time catching up with dear friends, meeting our friends’ kids, and reminiscing.  It was a-good-for-our-hearts kind of weekend with once-in-a-lifetime kind of friends.

4. Most appetizing: We traveled to Chicago for a work trip for Allison but had plenty of time for fun things. We did less sightseeing and more eating. Chicago has some good food. Sub-superlatives: Best Dish: The Girl and the Goat’s grilled broccoli (mock us all you want, but it was life altering), Best Breakfast: Dove’s Luncheonette, Best Margarita: Frontera Grill, Most Pretentious (but a good pretentious): The Violet Hour. Adam is enjoying food again for the first time since beginning chemo so we took full advantage of that this month.

5. Best Story:  We went to a bunny sanctuary and held rabbits for an afternoon. This was Allison’s rendition of a make-a-wish day. It’s not common knowledge, but she loves bunnies - like - gets weird about them, as in, we can’t tell if she’s laughing or crying or both when she holds them. This is a great story if you ever want to hear it but it must be told in person.

6. Best All Around: Outside of trips, we spent most of our “home” days with friends around tables, at baseball fields, under lights on patios, and in vineyards. After months of being reclusive and not being well-enough for public places and germs and hang time, it felt good to be out and about, laughing, telling stories, and feeling mostly normal.

It’s been a needed month to get us emotionally ready for the next step. Thanks for encouraging us to treat ourselves to some fun this month. We hope you’ve been having some fun yourselves!  Be on the lookout for more details about Adam’s upcoming surgery this week. We have a few more days to have fun before Tuesday.

Much Love,

A and A

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  • Kimberly Peterson
    Kimberly Peterson

    LOVED this blog post and the pictures of you having fun this past month! I am thankful that you took this time to restore your hearts and souls from all that you have been through. Hugs and love as you enjoy your next couple of days together - Kim

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Samuel Abraham
    Samuel Abraham

    Glad you had a wonderful month. God Bless. Praying for your upcoming surgery.

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Alece Ronzino
    Alece Ronzino

    Love hearing these highlights -- such a heart-filling month for you guys!! (Also. That Parks & Rec video!) Love you!

    4 years ago · Reply