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Posted 2015-07-20T01:06:29Z

Home Sweet Home (Again)

Hello from home!  Last Tuesday, Adam was discharged from the hospital – a week after his surgery.  A 7-day hospital stay felt like a breeze compared to last go-around’s 16-day marathon. As promised, Adam is in a lot of pain between his fractured rib, nearly foot long incision (none of this laparoscopic wussy stuff for Adam) that goes from under his arm up around his shoulder blade, the sites of the former chest tubes, not to mention the lingering abdominal pain he still has from his last surgery. Oral pain meds don’t work like the IV kind so Adam has been suffering through that transition.

Having gone through surgery recovery a few times already this year, we have settled pretty easily back into our post-op routine. Adam waffles between the bed and his recliner, which are the only spots in the house that he can get pseudo comfortable. Thank goodness chemo brain seems to have finally gone all the way away and Adam can read again. We’re logging medicine administration in our handy log, going for a few walks a day, and passing time with Netflix documentaries. I’m the household manager again and the designated driver (because of Adam’s incisional pain and narcotics) which takes a bit of adjustment when you're used to sharing the load.

We are even more grateful that we were able to get out of the house a bit during our month of fun now that we’re house bound again. The memories will hold us over until Adam is strong enough to bust out of these walls again. 6-8 weeks feels do-able after 3 months last go-around.

We have some good updates from home:

1.  Adam’s appetite is really good!  He’s actually hungry and is eating good, nutrient-rich stuff. We didn’t know what to expect after his last surgery when he had to take an appetite increasing medicine and drink ensure, but this time, he’s eating well on his own and holding a healthy weight.

2. Adam has started to walk without a cane! His abdomen is starting to heal up a bit, and hunching over hurts his new incision, so he’s decided to ditch the cane and work on strengthening his muscles naturally.

3. Adam’s spirits are good. Even though he’s house bound and in a lot of pain, he’s in good spirits. He’s trying not to laugh too much because of his rib, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t cracking jokes for me to laugh at. It’s good to see him in good spirits after such a major surgery.

We don’t have much more to report than that. Adam is just continuing to dominate an incredibly crappy year with an amazing attitude and great sense of humor and I’m taking care of him and life stuff until we can tag team again. Our attitude is improved, no doubt, by the prospect of no more treatment after this. Just healing and monitoring, and looking forward to new treatment-free life. Healing is sucking most of that forward-looking stuff for now, but we’ll get there.

Thank you for all the ways you’re loving us and checking on us and celebrating with us and taking care of us.  We are beyond grateful!

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  • Kimberly Peterson
    Kimberly Peterson

    Very, very good news! Adam, you have shown incredible strength and fortitude through this whole ordeal and we know who is supplying you with both. Alison, you have been a rock for Adam and so honest and forthright in your posts. I admire both of you so much for your faith and for your ability to persevere through the most difficult circumstances. Praying for God's continued healing upon your body, Adam, and for strength and grace, Alison, as you continue to manage all that needs attention at home during Adam's recovery. Hugs and love, Kim

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Samuel Abraham
    Samuel Abraham

    Our prayers for a complete recovery for Adam and for patience and strength for both of you. Blessings.

    4 years ago · Reply