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Posted 2015-06-20T18:02:00Z

Pardon this Month of Fun Interruption (Medical Update)

Happy last day of spring, friends (side note: it hasn’t felt like spring in a long time in the humid hotbox we call Nashville). We are well into our month of fun (#MonthOfFun is our official and uncreative hashtag) – the first month without any treatments or surgeries since last August. We are taking full advantage of Adam feeling the best he has since this process has started, even if he still needs his cane to get around, and we hope you’re having some fun these days, too.  We’ll write a little summary about all the fun that has been had this month, but we’re too busy enjoying moments to write about it now.[...]

Posted 2015-05-26T01:13:00Z

Iron and Wine (Minus the Wine)

Our last post was written around the same time that we planted our annual vegetable garden. As we struggled with Adam’s glacial healing progress, I wrote that it’s sometimes hard to see growth when you’re in the middle of the garden, working daily because the growth is so minuscule every day. But I forgot about green beans, y’all.  You push those little seeds into the ground and have only to blink before you see little green seedlings bursting from the ground and they just keep on going. I forgot that sometimes, you can see big progress, even in the middle of it.[...]

Posted 2015-05-05T18:25:00Z

Slow Growing and Slow Going

I planted our garden this weekend. If you follow me on any form of social media, you already know that - I love garden season! Once planted, I spend time in the garden daily. I water in the morning and often weed in the afternoons. I spend so much time with the veggies that I can hardly tell that they’re growing and changing until all of a sudden flowers bloom and a vegetable grows out of nowhere.[...]

Posted 2015-04-07T16:31:00Z

An Update On Being Home

Cancer is a weird thing. I thought chemo would be the toughest part of treatment and in a lot of ways it was, but the surgical side of cancer has offered a whole new level of complexity. As you already know if you have been keeping up with our story, I was recently hospitalized for a little over a fortnight after some very serious complications from one of my tumor-removal surgeries. Being in the hospital was hard for a lot of reasons, but coming home has been met with challenges as well. We had hoped that home would mean faster healing, but instead, home just means not being in the hospital. Turns out, healing from significant surgery is a really long and hard process. [...]

Posted 2015-03-15T15:57:00Z

Fluid and Jello Shots

Happy Sunday friends! We hope that no matter what season or week you find yourself in, that you get some good Sabbath rest today (or that you did yesterday if you are a Saturday Sabbather). After spending the majority of last week in the stressful, busy, hectic ICU, we are extra attune to how powerful rest can be for the body, mind, and soul from our much quieter hospital room.[...]

Posted 2015-03-11T21:31:43Z

Baby Steps

Hi Friends,

We remain grateful for the steady, sweet, and supportive community we have around us (near and far). Thank you for the reminders that you love us, you’re praying for us, and you’re pulling for Adam. We haven’t had a lot of time or emotional space to respond to most messages, but when we have quiet moments, we cherish opening mail treats and reading encouraging messages.[...]