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Posted 2015-03-08T03:01:00Z

So Long ICU

Hello Friends!

We were absolutely blown away at the the support from friends and strangers alike who read our most recent post and shared and prayed and encouraged. Thank you for following our journey and for trekking with us.[...]

Posted 2015-03-05T21:11:09Z

4 Surgeons, 4 Tumors, and 7 Hours Later

Hey friends,

Thank you for your amazing love and support this week. We have continued to be amazed at how caring, compassionate, and concerned our people are. Thank you for the prayers, cards, messages, and check ins. I'm sorry that I can't respond to each message with the love and care they're sent in - it has been a wild week - know that your encouragement has been amazingly needed and appreciated.[...]

Posted 2015-02-25T22:41:23Z

The Final (Surgery) Countdown

Hi Friends,

Are you surviving this seemingly endless winter?  We may have whined too soon in our last post about not having snow. Last week, we got a snow/ice treat of a storm that shut our city down for nearly a week. We’re told we’ll get another round of winter slush tonight. We are thankful for a warm and dry home, an endless supply of hot beverages, and Yahtzee to hold us over til spring.[...]

Posted 2015-02-06T10:11:00Z

Is There Something On My Neck?

Hello friends, 

We hope you're staying warm in this cold stretch we all seem to be having stateside. Please note if you live in a snowy state, we're quite jealous, so please don't flaunt any more pictures of your winter wonderlands on social media. Nashville was promised snow last night and alas, there wasn't a flake to be found. Southern living isn't always charming.[...]

Posted 2014-12-08T21:14:00Z

Last Week of Chemo Five!

This is us, sitting in the chemo corner giving one another high fives and virtual high-fiving y'all!  Today starts Adam's last week of chemo (hopefully ever!).  While we were dreading this morning as much as we usually dread 40 hour chemo week, there was a bit of hope in the dread. The end is in sight. [...]

Posted 2014-11-30T23:50:00Z

Chemo Vacation

We hope you have had a great Thanksgiving! Since our last update, we have gone through one more round of 40hrs a week of chemo and one Tuesday treatment. While this week won't involve warm beaches or cozy mountain-side fires, it does involve a vacation - a vacation from chemo.  We've met with Adam's oncologist several times over the last few weeks and we have some good updates:[...]

Posted 2014-11-16T23:37:02Z

Headshots (Literally) and Halfway Progress

Hi Friends,

We hope you're having a good weekend!  Nashville finally realized it was mid-November and it's gotten very chilly this week. Adam is especially aware of the cold weather since his noggin is quite bare. It took another week after Adam buzzed his hair and beard for the rest of the the scruffle to fall out, but when it did, it revealed a really nice smooth bald head and a complexion that's making the masses jealous. I'm almost rooting for Adam to keep this look, but he's assured me that no matter what color or texture his hair grows back, he has no plans to stay bald.  [...]