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Posted 2014-11-04T15:24:41Z

Week 5 (Which Means We Made It Through Week 4)

Thanks so much for your continued prayers and love as Adam fights this battle. Last week was Adam's second 40 hour week of chemo, and I won't sugar coat it, it was rough. That's a whole lot of chemo for one body. Please continue to pray for Adam, that the chemo would kill the cancer cells, that his body can keep producing good cells, that he would keep some weight on, that his organs would remain healthy and functioning, and that the side effects would be minimal. [...]

Posted 2014-10-27T15:26:25Z

Cycle 2 (10/27)

Adam is 1/4 of the way through chemo treatments - which is a good thing! That also means he starts cycle 2 of chemo today. This week, he will get 40 hours of chemo again. Last full-time chemo week was incredibly hard; this time will likely be no different. We are fighting dread, anxiety, and sadness as we cozy up the chemo corner this morning.[...]

Posted 2014-10-20T02:20:52Z


Some of you have been asking about practical ways to support Adam and Allison. Many of you have already been sending cards and words of encouragement, giving gifts, providing meals, helping with transportation needs, etc. In Adam’s words from his recent blog post, “the way people responded has been extremely humbling and borderline overwhelming in the best way possible.”  I’ve been blown away just hearing some of the stories…You are all truly amazing!

For those of you who are local, I wanted to update you regarding some specific ways we can help the Buzards in the weeks ahead. I’d love to get some people signed up to assist them.

Yard Work- this is probably the most pressing need.
    -clean out gutters ASAP
    -mow the lawn (probably just once more)
Deep Cleaning before the big chemo weeks (Buzards have all the supplies you’ll need)
    -just before 11/17/14
    -just before 12/8/14

Grocery Shopping- probably not needed until November
    -Target (for toiletries)- biweekly/monthly
    -Kroger- weekly-ish
    -Trader Joe’s- monthly

Please email me at [email protected] if you have any questions, need more details or are able to assist with any of these tasks.  Thank you for all the ways you are loving and supporting the Buzards.

Also, Allison received encouragement from several people to create her own Amazon wish list so I am including that link here because I imagine that all of you would love to know some tangible ways to brighten her days in the midst of this. [...]

Posted 2014-10-19T23:56:00Z

10/19 Update from the Buzards

We are so grateful for so many friends (and friends of friends and family) that are following this journey, praying for us, checking on us, taking care of life details for us, visiting us, and sending us care packages.  We are humbled and amazed that we have such an army of people that are journeying this with us.  We are not alone, and we're so grateful for that. [...]

Posted 2014-10-17T15:30:00Z

Buzz' Buz

The doctors promised Adam he would start losing his hair in 7-10 days because of the intensity and type of chemo.  Rather than letting it fall out in clumps, Adam took the plunge and cut his own hair and beard.  We've called it Buzz' Buz.  He made a video, get out the tissues:[...]

Posted 2014-10-07T17:45:00Z

Current Shopping List

Many of you have asked, "How can I help practically?" We are incredibly grateful for the army of people around us who want to help us during this season.  We are continually grateful for the people who have been generous with their time, resources, and friendship during this season.  For a list of ways to help us with food, home/lawn care, and more, click here. For a list of some other ideas, please see below:[...]

Posted 2014-10-07T15:11:00Z

Current Prayer Needs

Prayer Requests:

  • Obviously the overarching prayer request is for healing.  We know that God’s Word is true and we believe fully in the words of Isaiah that God is my healer. He may use chemo and some surgery but healing is healing.
  • This week is Adam’s first week of chemo.  His chemo treatments come in a 3 week rotation:
    Week 1:  40 hours a week of chemo (that means I sit in a chemo chair 8 hours a day for 5 days straight and get all sorts of liquids pumped in my body)
    Week 2: One day a week of chemo
    Week 3: One day a week of chemo
    Repeat this cycle 4 times.  The goal is to ring in 2015 by finishing chemo – will you join us in praying for that?
  • Anxiety – Cancer is scary. Chemo is scary. God is powerful. Cancer is still scary.  Chemo is still scary. Please pray for peace for us.

Praises:  [...]