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Posted 2015-02-25T22:41:23Z

The Final (Surgery) Countdown

Hi Friends,

Are you surviving this seemingly endless winter?  We may have whined too soon in our last post about not having snow. Last week, we got a snow/ice treat of a storm that shut our city down for nearly a week. We’re told we’ll get another round of winter slush tonight. We are thankful for a warm and dry home, an endless supply of hot beverages, and Yahtzee to hold us over til spring.[...]

Posted 2015-02-06T10:11:00Z

Is There Something On My Neck?

Hello friends, 

We hope you're staying warm in this cold stretch we all seem to be having stateside. Please note if you live in a snowy state, we're quite jealous, so please don't flaunt any more pictures of your winter wonderlands on social media. Nashville was promised snow last night and alas, there wasn't a flake to be found. Southern living isn't always charming.[...]