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Posted 2015-03-15T15:57:00Z

Fluid and Jello Shots

Happy Sunday friends! We hope that no matter what season or week you find yourself in, that you get some good Sabbath rest today (or that you did yesterday if you are a Saturday Sabbather). After spending the majority of last week in the stressful, busy, hectic ICU, we are extra attune to how powerful rest can be for the body, mind, and soul from our much quieter hospital room.[...]

Posted 2015-03-11T21:31:43Z

Baby Steps

Hi Friends,

We remain grateful for the steady, sweet, and supportive community we have around us (near and far). Thank you for the reminders that you love us, you’re praying for us, and you’re pulling for Adam. We haven’t had a lot of time or emotional space to respond to most messages, but when we have quiet moments, we cherish opening mail treats and reading encouraging messages.[...]

Posted 2015-03-08T03:01:00Z

So Long ICU

Hello Friends!

We were absolutely blown away at the the support from friends and strangers alike who read our most recent post and shared and prayed and encouraged. Thank you for following our journey and for trekking with us.[...]

Posted 2015-03-05T21:11:09Z

4 Surgeons, 4 Tumors, and 7 Hours Later

Hey friends,

Thank you for your amazing love and support this week. We have continued to be amazed at how caring, compassionate, and concerned our people are. Thank you for the prayers, cards, messages, and check ins. I'm sorry that I can't respond to each message with the love and care they're sent in - it has been a wild week - know that your encouragement has been amazingly needed and appreciated.[...]