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Posted 2015-07-20T01:06:29Z

Home Sweet Home (Again)

Hello from home!  Last Tuesday, Adam was discharged from the hospital – a week after his surgery.  A 7-day hospital stay felt like a breeze compared to last go-around’s 16-day marathon. As promised, Adam is in a lot of pain between his fractured rib, nearly foot long incision (none of this laparoscopic wussy stuff for Adam) that goes from under his arm up around his shoulder blade, the sites of the former chest tubes, not to mention the lingering abdominal pain he still has from his last surgery. Oral pain meds don’t work like the IV kind so Adam has been suffering through that transition.[...]

Posted 2015-07-08T22:02:00Z

Bring On the Emojis and Hilarious Celebratory Gifs!

I still can’t find any words that describe the feelings around the following statement – maybe because our feelings haven’t caught up with us entirely. Feelings present or not, the fact is that as of yesterday afternoon, Adam is tumor-free! DID YOU HEAR THAT? ADAM IS TUMOR FREE! Go ahead and shout, dance, or throw up those praise hands; this is the sort of thing that inspired emojis, I think.[...]

Posted 2015-07-06T16:37:49Z

The Final (Surgery) Countdown (but for real this time)

We wrote a post in late February just before Adam’s last surgery entitled “The Final (Surgery) Countdown” because we thought that he was headed in for his final surgery. Unfortunately, because of some major complications, they were not able to get the last grouping of tumors in Adam’s body. So, tomorrow (7/7), Adam heads into his 6th surgery this year to remove tumors in his chest for what should be his final surgery on this cancer journey.[...]

Posted 2015-07-05T17:05:29Z


No need to be humble: We were pretty smart to plan in a month of fun before this next big surgery. It has been a year full of lots of not-so-fun things that have been dictated to us by (our very competent) medical staff. But we wanted June to be different, and we’re so glad we pushed back the next surgery date for a few weeks and were intentional about planning in some fun. It has been really restorative for us in a lot of ways. Thank you to those who cheered us on, treated us to fun, donated to fun, supported our having fun, and participated in our fun. You really are the best people.[...]