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Posted 2016-09-23T03:24:56Z

Seriously Cancer?!

Hi Everyone, 

There have been a few updates since I’ve last written. 

The appointment last month showed all good news - everything stabilizing and perhaps a small uptick in the tumor in Byard’s abdomen. Drs decided the next best step would be an RPLND surgery… they even mentioned that it could be his chance at being “cancer free”. The surgery was set for Monday, Sept 12th. 

 On Friday Sept 9th on the way home from getting pre-op blood-work done, Byard started having an ocular migraine - something he had when first diagnosed and around the time of his seizure in December. Something we are also being very careful about so we called Dr Vaughn immediately. He said to hold tight and see if another one happened, and if so, go to the ER. Well.. on Sunday Byard starting having them again so we went to the ER. We were hoping it was just a side effect from cancer dying. Unfortunately an MRI showed two new spots in his brain and one existing getting larger. Surgery was postponed and appointments were set up to see radiation oncologists and Dr Vaughn. 

 After our meetings last week the next step is gamma knife radiation, specific to the lesion sites set for Wednesday 9/28. Byard will have another scan of the chest/abdomen on Sept 26th to see if there are any changes and we will meet with Dr Vaughn to review the next chemo regime. There are two options - one being oral etoposide and the other being gemcitabine/oxaliplatin… Luckily both are outpatient so hopefully this will give us more time to enjoy being together rather than Byard being hooked up in the hospital for days/weeks at a time. 

As of this morning Byard had a small seizure and went to the ER. Neurologists have done cat scans of the brain and there is slightly more bleeding in one of the lesions than the Sept 11th ER visit. They are upping his dose of keppra and he should -hopefully- be home tomorrow. Gamma knife radiation is still set for next Wednesday (apparently it's completely booked) and then Byard will start chemotherapy soon after. We are exhausted but relieved that this seizure was just muscle spasms rather than the grand mal seizure that he had back in December. 

Thank you all for your notes of encouragement and positivity, prayers, and good vibes. This is obviously not where we want to be but we are staying strong one day at a time. Fuck cancer!!! 


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  • Betsy Farmer
    Betsy Farmer

    Thanks for the update. Soldier on! Know that we're all pulling for you guys! And wishing our collective hope, love, and strength could just make everything OK!!

    3 years ago · Reply