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Karen Okupniak Karen Okupniak

Great site! I'm a friend of Byard's Mom and haven't wanted to pester her for updates but truly want to know how you both are doing. Love and light and peace and healing to you!

Jacquie mahon Jacquie mahon

Infection! Aacckk! Been thinking about you both. I hope the issue is solved ASAP; I know how exhausting fevers can be. You'll be coming home with the long-missing sun, Byard!

Jenny Hill Jenny Hill

Sending lots of prayers your way. Y'all are in our thoughts and prayers!

anna daniels anna daniels

Byard, please know that Frank Frankie and I wish you a speedy recovery love and hugs, ANNA FRANK & FRANKIE DANIELS

Saundra Persinger Saundra Persinger

Byard and Samantha, please know you are in my thoughts and prayers! I think this page is a great ideal because you can keep everyone updated ! Please know that you are loved and being prayed for by the Farmers along with so many others! One thing you must do is to remain positive even when it will be very hard to do ! Take Care! You and Samantha are in my prayers!

Francis Cuthbertson Francis Cuthbertson

We will always be here for you and Samantha.! Sending you love and prayers! Love Leslie and Frank!!'

Mary Beth Tiblier Mary Beth Tiblier

Sending lots and lots of love, prayers and positive thoughts your way. It sounds like y'all have a good plan with a wonderful doctor. Hang in there!

Mary Beth Tiblier

Jacquie mahon Jacquie mahon

Haven't met you yet, but am fond of your lovely wife Samantha---I look forward to meeting you, so please heal quickly. 😉 I may be spending some time there one day soon . . . to protect you from your cat.

Shawn Lyon Shawn Lyon

Sending love and healing thoughts your way Byard, Shelley and I hope you recover quickly!

Pamela Perkins Pamela Perkins

You are young and have the best doctors. You will beat this! Hang in there! Perk and I are thinking of you.