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Callie CAN

Like the CANaries in the coal mine, our little girl has sensitive lungs from Cystic Fibrosis. We call her our little Callie-Canary, which has evolved to our CALLIE-CAN. B[...] read more

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Posted 2015-05-05T23:15:45Z

Callie's daily "maintenance"

We get so many questions about Callies daily routine/therapies/meds, so this post is just our daily checklist! Most mornings & nights it still feels like a big giant bummer to have to sit down and do it... But... We love our Callie girl, so we do it anyways! And with each day, it slowly adjusts into the "new normal" ... One day we will go on vacation kid free, and it will feel weird NOT to do it... Maybe... Ha! But either way, Consistent daily treatment & medicines are what give our baby girl more years to enjoy life, and that is worth every single ounce of time we spend! Our morning & night routines: 1. Xopenex (inhaler) :: opens the airways 2. Pulmozyme (Nebulizer breathing treatment) :: thins the mucus in her lungs (only at night right now) 3. CPT (chest percussion therapy) :: we pound on her body all around her lungs for 30 minutes, this breaks up the mucus in her lungs. *we are working on an incredible device that will speed the CPT process up and has proven with Callie to be more efficient than the standard! We will share more soon!* 4. We follow all of this therapy up with her medicines :: Zenpep (digestive enzymes) Aquadek (vitamins she doesn't absorb) Salt (replacing what her body loses) Prevacid (reflux, also helps enzymes) When needed: antibiotics & probiotics And because not every night totally stinks doing all of this, we snapped some pictures to prove it! Enjoy!

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