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Posted 2019-10-29T02:32:36Z

Home again

Just wanted to give a quick update. The surgeon decided Saturday evening that he wanted to squeeze Christian in on Sunday morning,  so around 8:30am on Sunday morning, Christian went back into surgery.  The surgeon was happy with the results. Christian's leg wound was able to be closed and he was given a wound suction machine that helps to keep the wound closed and he will have all week.

Thank you for continued prayers and support. Christian will go back to Chemotherapy next week, so he will be in the midst of recovery from surgery as we march forward with the necessary Chemotherapy. 

While Christian is always annoyed with hospital stays and waiting around for tests, meetings and inpatient stays. I have to say, that for the most part,  he is still himself. He is enjoying the merging of all the sports seasons( world series,  regular season NFL, college football & the beginning of the NBA season). He still wants to argue and debate with his father about sports players and stats and he still loves playing his XBOX 1. He still is too loud sometimes and every bit of the teenager that he is. I'm thankful to see that throughout everything so far, he has not lost sight of who he is.

But, let me not portray anyone as perfect over here. He is struggling with all of this in his own way. Just like we all are. 

Peace, love & blessings

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