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Posted 2020-02-06T03:55:44Z

Looking forward to a New Year

I apologize for the long hiatus from the blog.  Honestly, we were able to have a two week break that coincided with the Christmas Break and I was just relieved for us all to be home for that many days in a row.  We all had a really restful and enjoyable Christmas and New Year.  So thankful for the many family and friends who stopped by, reached out, sent cards, sent gifts or just called and sent texts.  This year is significant for the way that we have learned how to be grateful for each day, moment and memory made together.  We are slowly learning about the need to not take life or each other for granted.

Anyway, to update everyone, Christian is continuing to make good progress.  We are continuing with inpatient Chemotherapy and have started a few weeks of outpatient Chemotherapy for the first time.  Christian will actually be inpatient tomorrow(February 6th) for about 5 days.  The exciting part about this news, is that we have exactly 2 more inpatient Chemotherapy treatments and one more outpatient therapy treatment left before Christian is COMPLETELY done with Chemotherapy.  Currently, we expect Christian will be wrapping up his Chemotherapy around the end of February(near his birthday) or Early March.  To say we are looking forward to the Chemotherapy ending is an understatement.  Moreover, we have been encouraged by the fact that Christians last two Chest Scans have come back clear(Osteosarcoma often comes back in the form of tumors in the lungs).  Christian will continue to be monitored with various types of scans for months and years to come, but we are grateful for this encouraging news.

Christian is still using a wound vac and taking antibiotics to ensure that he does not suffer another leg infection.  The wound vac has worked very well for Christian, and even though it is annoying to be hooked up to the portable vac, Christian has made the best of the situation and we are grateful that the wound vac has allowed us to come this far in his healing.  However, despite the progress his leg has made with healing, we did find out a few weeks ago that Christian will have to undergo another surgery.  This surgery is pretty much a repurcussion caused by the initial leg infection.  Subsequently, all of the hardware that is currently holding his leg together will need to be removed and some more bone will have to be cut down.  We are still waiting to have a full consultation with the Orthopedic Surgeon to discuss the details and the date of surgery, but we know for sure that it wont be until at least a month after Christian finishes his Chemotherapy.  The doctors want to ensure that all of the Chemotherapy is out of his body before operating to ensure more efficient healing.  The news about the next surgery took us by surprise, but we realize that it is important that we do what needs to be done, despite our human desire to put this all behind us.  Unfortunately, this journey was always a marathon and never a sprint and we continue to work on trying not to look too far in the future.  Finding contentment in each day, each stage of progress and each sign of hope is important and a lesson that we continue to work on learning.

As always, we covet your prayers and appreciate your support.  

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