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Posted 2019-10-11T17:27:23Z

Recovery Day 3

Unfortunately,  last night was a little more eventful than we would have liked. Christian's fever spiked to 102. The attending doctor ordered a chest X Ray in the room and additional bloodwork.  Thankfully, with the help of some Tylenol, his temp came down to 100, but he is still being monitored for the fever until it goes away. Unfortunately,  all of these events are not helping his appetite.

This morning, we were again awakened by 2 sets of Orthopedic residents(6am & 6:30am). Followed by more bloodwork and then an unexpected trip to Radiology in ICU for Xrays of his leg. The good news this morning was that his Chest Xray had come back clear, with no issues. Unfortunately,  the leg xrays tired Christian out, so he came back to the room and was exhausted.  Hes sleeping now and we are waiting for Physical Therapy to come back to work with him again today(he was too tired this morning after his Xray).

Hoping that his body will overcome this fever soon and then he can get the energy to make progress in other areas( nutrition,  PT, etc)

Thank you for continuing prayers. We also appreciate everyone who has inquired about visiting.  Unfortunately,  until we can get his fever and blood levels together, I just dont think he will have the energy right now. But, we will continue to keep you posted.

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Comments (2)

  • John Winston
    John Winston

    Patrice... Our prayers are with you Christian and family. Please know that GOD is in the room ! He WILL NOT FAIL YOU ! Stay in faith and know we are with you all the way ! John and Fanchon

    9 months ago · Reply
  • agnes Wilhemena brooks
    agnes Wilhemena brooks

    My prayers and thoughts are with Christian and family. Please know that the Brooks family is contually praying for you. Keep the faith in God he will not let you down. Rest in his arms.

    9 months ago · Reply