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Posted 2019-10-26T02:55:06Z

Unexpected admission

I apologize for the long hiatus from the blog, I have been trying to keep up with the day to day tasks associated with Christian's recovery and wound care.  Over the last several days, wound care became an increasing issue and we began to see Christian bleeding through his bandages more frequently.  On our most recent visit to the hospital(Wednesday),  I asked the nurses to check his leg. Thankfully, our oncologist took the initiative to page our surgeon, who very quickly came to look at his leg and then she took a picture and walked down to our plastic surgeon who was in surgery to ask his opinion. Our plastic surgeon quickly decided that Christian's leg was not healing adequately and requested we come back this Friday for a revision surgery( to fix the issue). They assumed he would be admitted for one day.

We came in this afternoon for the revision surgery. The plastic surgeon came out to update us and explained that the issue was more complicated than they had originally thought. Long story short, the surgeon is admitting Christian to the hospital for the weekend with a special sponge/drain and will operate on him again on Monday to complete the closing of the wound. The surgeon said that he wanted to do things carefully and completely. He did not want to rush and wants to make sure that everything heals well this time.

Christian is in no pain and doing well. He was VERY annoyed to wake up from anesthesia and find out that his one night stay got upgraded to a full weekend,  but he calmed down once I explained the issue at hand.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support. The boys have received some very thoughtful gifts from neighbors, co-workers and friends. It really makes them smile to get unexpected surprises. 

Please continue to keep Christian and his doctors in your prayers. We are praying for health and healing for Christian for this weekend and moving forward. This journey continues to be a daunting one, but we are moving forward each day, one step at a time. We do believe that God is in control.

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  • Karen Weir
    Karen Weir

    Patti we are alongside you and Christian and Aaron and Daniel for the long haul. Count on us to do our part. Our prayers continue and our love is for always. Karen Eric and Jessi

    7 months ago · Reply

    Tell Christian we love him and thinking about him everyday! Love, The Mungals

    7 months ago · Reply
  • Shawn McEwen
    Shawn McEwen

    Thanks for taking the time to keep us updated. I know I could not be so dedicated to doing this. We are sorry to hear about the set back! However we know that with every set back is a set up for a come up. So we are believing God has Christian in the palm of his hands. He will be restored. Get well Christian, we are always praying for you. We cant wait to spend time with you again! Love The McEwen’s

    7 months ago · Reply
  • Gebrette Pritchett
    Gebrette Pritchett

    I appreciate you taking the time to give an update. Praying for Christian’s continued and complete healing! And let me just give a shout out to you for being AWESOME! May God continue to uplift and strengthen you! God is able!!

    7 months ago · Reply
  • Denise Hallums
    Denise Hallums

    We are continuing our prayers for your entire family and are confident that God is in control and present during every unexpected event you encounter. Stay encouraged.

    7 months ago · Reply
  • Natalie Thomas
    Natalie Thomas

    Hey Fam!!! Your family is praying everyday. We have not been up there because I have not been feeling week. I’ve been in the hospital since Thursday. Once I’m back and well enough to be around Christian and Kendall has no cold we will come sit and visit! Love you all.

    7 months ago · Reply
  • Yasmin Perry
    Yasmin Perry

    Dear Patti, Your keen attention to detail regarding Christian's journey on the road to recovery is certainly very helpful. The prayers of all friends and family will bear you up along with the presence of the Lord. Prayers for the medical team to do their best and for Christian to maintain the will and positive attitude are ongoing. Keep strong in this. Love, Yasmin & Aunt Jeff

    7 months ago · Reply
  • Carla Johnson
    Carla Johnson

    The boys and I are praying every day for you guys.

    7 months ago · Reply