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Posted 2020-04-11T04:13:31Z

Moving Forward in the wake of a Pandemic

Needless to say, the entire world has changed since I last posted about Christian's journey.  As a result, Christian's journey has changed somewhat as well.  Since my last post, Christian has finished all of his scheduled Chemotherapy treatments, while  continuing to receive Immunotherapy treatments weekly at Hopkins.  We met with Christian's Orthopedic surgeon on March 17th to discuss his upcoming surgery, only to find out that his surgery was postponed indefinitely.  Hopkins(like most Hospitals would eventually do) had postponed all surgeries that were not trauma related(i.e. gun shot wound).  Our surgeon assured us that as soon as she received the green light from the hospital, that Christian would be first on her list.  The hospital wanted to ensure that there were enough ICU beds available for COVID-19 patients, and wanted to keep immune compromised patients like Christian away from the hospital as much as possible.

Needless to say, we were disappointed, but began to understand the looming repercussions that were about to be unleashed on the larger community with the onset of the coronavirus.  The surgeon even mentioned to us that there were other children with cancerous tumors who were not allowed to be operated on at that time and I realized that even in our disappointment, we needed to be grateful.  

Subsequently, we have settled into quarantine life pretty easily.  For the most part, Christian and I are very used to staying in the house and I have been concerned about hand washing, sanitizing and avoiding viruses since Christian's diagnosis in June.  The transition has been a little harder for Aaron & Daniel.  Minus visits to the hospital, they have been able to commute in and out of the public sphere without any limitations.  Schools closing was initially an exciting surprise for Daniel, but as the days have continued on without change, the sobering reality of how this virus has changed the parameters of every day life, has caused Daniel to begin to realize this school year may never return to normal. 

Despite the fact that Christian still needs to go into Hopkins each Friday, he has been able to stay healthy without any signs of illness.  Thankfully, the hospital has taken many procedures to ensure the safety and well being of all the patients and our visits have been mostly uneventful.  Christian's hair has started to grow back, he began physical therapy weekly and has been feeling well enough to even do push ups each day.  It is nice to see him looking and feeling stronger.  Overall, the family is doing well.  Aaron is able to  work from home and Daniel has been busy creating lots of art work in his free time.  

In the days ahead, we continue to pray for good health and continue to look toward God for guidance and wisdom as we take each step in this journey.  We ask for continued prayers for our health through this pandemic, as well as the right timing for Christian's surgery.  As always, we pray for ways to support each other and to seek God's help to know when we may need to ask for the help of others.  We continue to be grateful for family and friends who have been patient with us and generous with their time, love and prayers.  We pray that these words find you and your loved ones safe during these uncertain times as well.  


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Comments (5)

  • Shawn McEwen
    Shawn McEwen

    Thank you for your continued updates and we will continue to keep you guys lifted in prayer. God Bless each you during these difficult time. The McEwen family

    5 months ago · Reply
  • Madge Haughton
    Madge Haughton

    Happy Easter Patrice, and thank you for the comprehensive update. Even in the delay of Christian’s surgery, we can see God at work; protecting him from this “pestilence” and increasing his strength. We continue to claim healing in the name of our resurrected Christ, wisdom for his providers, and strength for his family. Madge & Lillian

    5 months ago · Reply
  • Downey Dress
    Downey Dress

    Happy Easter to you all. I guess the boys are too big to hunt for Easter eggs anymore. Thanks for keeping us in the loop about life in the Marshall household. I am impressed that Christian is doing push ups. I would love to see Daniel's art work. I taught art for 30 years to all different age groups. We are both keeping you all in our prayers.

    5 months ago · Reply

    Love you all! Miss you, Patrice 💕 Please stay safe and healthy.

    5 months ago · Reply
  • Yasmin Perry
    Yasmin Perry

    Glad to hear all is well with Christian even in amidst this Covid-!9 crisis which at the moment has taken centre stage. The prayers continue for his healing and for the family's strength. Stay safe,

    5 months ago · Reply