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Cancer Schmancer

Updates on Susan's condition and ways you can help.

You're here because you love Susan and are pretty frickin' bummed to hear that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. This site is for family and friends to stay updated on treatment and recovery (and to see cute dog and cat pics because joy and laughter are crucial parts of healing). It is also a place you can offer words of support, find out what kind of help we may need, and donate to our fundraiser. We need your love as we navigate this difficult time. Fuck cancer! 

Your First Step: Please click on the "Follow" button on the top right of this page. This will sign you up to receive email updates about the stuff we post here, from diagnosis info to treatment progress to requests for help. (Once you follow, you'll see "Notifications" in the upper right corner, that's how you can adjust how frequently you get emails.) Creating an account will also allow you to post photos, leave comments, make donations, share Susan’s story on social media, and sign up as a helping hand on the Calendar page. 

Journal: This is where we will be posting info on diagnosis, treatment, and how we're doing. Authored by Susan and/or Ann Marie, with editorial oversight by Neko and Liza Minnelli. You can comment publicly on any journal entry, or click on the name of its author to send a private message.

Donations: Frankly, we need money. We hate asking for it. But both of us are self-employed and we have no paid time off or short-term disability benefits, and there are going to be long stretches of time Susan will be unable to work and Ann Marie will need to cut back to help get her through everything. Not to mention the medical bills that have already started coming. Between lost income, medical bills, and treatments not covered by insurance, we are anticipating a shortfall of approximately $60,000 over the next year of treatment.

If you are able, please consider donating to help us cover the bills. Donations can be made securely using credit or debit card for any amount, or you can mail a check. All donations, large and small, come with the eternal gratitude. Thank you for your generosity in considering what amount you are personally able to give.

Also on the Donations page you will find the tools to share your donation and Susan’s story with friends and family via Facebook and other social media. Help can come from lots of places, and we are super grateful to anyone who feels moved to contribute. Please feel free to share the fundraiser publicly. 

Calendar: We'll need different things at different stages of treatment. We'll post here if we need help with groceries or meal delivery, dog walks, rides to appointments, etc. If you see a need posted and can fill it, please sign up through the calendar page directly (i.e. not through private communication) to let us and others know that you've committed to that need. Please check back often to help out with the most recently posted needs. 

Posts: This is where you can leave an encouraging message for Susan, and to read thoughts left by others. 

If you haven’t done so already, please click “Follow” on the top right. It’s your very next step to showing your support!


Susan and Ann Marie