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Rod Nakanishi Rod Nakanishi

Sorry I’ve been MIA, but I am sending you lots of loving thoughts! 🙏

Friday's Films Friday's Films

We love you Susan and hope this all turns out well!

Keith Vanetta Keith Vanetta

Sincerest Congrats on getting through all of that. I hope the fatigue doesn't last too long and you're back up and running soon. I hope you have a super duper 2019. Well done dear.


Susan, you're a strong, brave, and powerful woman. The path that this fucking illness has set forth upon you is such bullshit. After walking this path, you will be able to help other souls across the rugged terrain; You will be the new Harriet Tubman of cancer.

Tracy Lee Tracy Lee

BIG GIANT VIRTUAL HUGS directly after a crazy holiday season! Hope the sun is keeping y'all warm over there. Love you TS!!! xox

steve snyder steve snyder

Wrapping you in GREAT BIG New Years HUGS of LOVE and HEALING ENERGY!
Power UP baby!

Rachel Pusey Rachel Pusey

I want to make you chicken and rice soup but until I do - please buy yourself a lovely dinner on me and Aaron. We love you and think of you all the time. We really want you to meet Drea!!

Ronnie Maiorana Ronnie Maiorana

Oh... you got this.... Who's BAD?!

Keith Vanetta Keith Vanetta

Susan you got this. I feel your pain. I too was diagnosed with stage 4 adenocarcinoma in March of 2017. I then did 15 rounds of chemo every three weeks. It wore me down something fierce but I laughed my way through it with a good support system which you truly have. I was deemed cancer free in July of this year. There is hope in this day and age, so keep that smile and put yourself to this test to show yourself how bad ass you are. We are all in your corner.

Dave Allison Dave Allison

Thinking of you and sending good vibes to you Susan.

Brian Nicewander Brian Nicewander

I know you will beat this and come out stronger --- Brian Nicewander

Seema Kantak Seema Kantak

Sending lots of love and warm hugs. Cancer really tests your strength and you are a strong person and I admire how you are facing it. XOXO

Mary Ann Jamison Mary Ann Jamison

I am counting the days until I will be there. It seems like eternity. I am so gratful for all your friends. Mom

Kat Jetson Kat Jetson

Wishing you Diana Ross silver disco skates level of kick ass through this all. I know you and I know your moxie. Get it!

Skinner Davis Skinner Davis

I don’t know you, but I hope you feel better. I’m really sorry, this is happening but I feel like you’re strong and courageous! You got this!