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Josh Has Cancer

Track with Josh and family as they deal with Squamous Cell Carcinoma.

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Posted 2019-07-25T19:14:23Z

One month later…

One month later, and we are getting back to normal.

After the last radiation treatment on June 19th and the decision not to take the third infusion of cisplatin, we were on the road to recovery. My mouth was raw and throat was quite sore, so I wasn't talking much and I was using the G-tube to feed myself almost exclusively for a few weeks. Gradually, with the help of sweet tea and ramen noodles, I began taking calories by mouth again. (You might not realize how sad it feels to order a milkshake and then to be disinterested and ultimately unable to finish it!)

My weight dipped down twenty-five pounds from where I started, though I am back up to where I'd like to stay… Now going to the gym for weight training every other day.

The kids and I traveled to Florida for a weeks vacation, giving Candace some time for solitude after she'd been giving so much to all of us while I was in bed. My parents hosted us with availability and played the part of benevolent tour guides. 

On our marine safari with Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Yesterday I saw my radiation oncologist for a follow-up. Nothing much to say except my recovery is going very well, and the treatment seems to have been very successful. (We need to wait until I have a CT scan in September to confirm cancer is gone.) The hospital will remove my G-tube in a week but will leave the medicine port in place a while longer. My hearing is still iffy, though Candace thinks it's getting better. It will be difficult to teach with the ringing in my ears and inability to pick out voices in a noisy room. Please keep praying about that!

Life returns to normal. I go back to teaching on contract in twelve days, so this unusual summer is coming to an end. What have we learned? Maybe I can answer that in another post.

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