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Posted 2017-05-20T03:41:28Z

Friday, May 19th

Spoke with the nurse today.  Several changes.  Candy was put on oxygen due to irregular breathing and given medicine to counter this situation.  It helped slightly.  She went into "A fib" and has been given medicine to regulate the heart.  No medications were given regarding her electrolytes as they appear to be within normal limits..  She is scheduled to have a CT scan of her brain as well as a mental examination to determine her mental state. These tests have not been done as of today but are being fast tracked per her ASP case manager (Adult Protective Services).   

She is still not eating, moving in any way or communicating with anyone other than Pam.  Pam is the girlfriend of Gerald who takes care of her yard, etc.  Pam comes in to give Can her weekly bath, feed her cat, water her plants, clean, etc.  

I've been in touch with her hospital case worker and also her Adult Protective Services case manager (APS).  It was suggested that the locks on her home be changed and that was done today.  I have the only keys.  I really did not know anything about Pam and was concerned about the amount of monies taken from her account.  While I am 100% convinced I do really believe that Pam has her best interest at heart.  I have Can's purse with me as well as her ATM card. Pam was very forthcoming about everything and only has Can's best interest at heart.  A lot has happened over the past several days.  I'm thankful that Jeanne is here to help.  

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