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Love and updates for Carol and her recovery

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Carol is back at Vasona and back on the rehab path


Dear friends and family-

Carol is back at the Vasona skilled nursing facility. She is in a window-side bed, on the second floor in a 2-person room - in the Kaiser contracted system, this is the pinnacle of luxury! Cousin Toni (Carol and Gordy's niece) worked hard with the staff at Vasona to ensure they kept a bed warm and Carol has made friends with all her caregivers and they have all gone a little extra to help Carol on her way. As you all now, Carol attracts many wonderful people to her.

I can report that it is a good sign that she is getting bored with being sick and looking forward to getting back home (with some help). She needs to be to move about, get up and out of bed and to some extent care for herself to move on from rehab. She also mentioned how many air miles she had and looked forward to using them sometime soon. 

She still wants to hold socializing until she is stronger and enable her to focus on the rehab and rest. 

On Monday I should be able to give and instruct her on her new iPhone and so that she can start message more quickly than the US post. 

Please keep the cards and prayers coming. 

with love,



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