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Amy Krieger Amy Krieger

Aunt Carolyn, I think about you a lot! I'm so glad to hear that you're doing well and feeling good! Much love, Amy & family

Karen Robbins Karen Robbins

I totally agree, Mary Beth! Love you, Carolyn!

Mary Beth Gibson Mary Beth Gibson

Just makes me cry... Our God is faithful and He loves you so much. So grateful that He loves me so much that He put you in my life!!!!

Karen Robbins Karen Robbins

Praise and glory be to God!! I am so happy for you! XOXOXOK

Shirley Vitale Shirley Vitale

You also look wonderful and having you back at Spice is an answer to prayer. May God keep you in his arms and keep you well! We all need you as do those grandchildren.

Rhonda Mapes Rhonda Mapes

Dearest Carolyn, Priase the LORD! Thinking of you often. Love you and miss you and pray that this is healing and chemo is done forever! Your attitude is encouraging and your smile always contagious! Love to Cricket and all your family.

Mary Beth Gibson Mary Beth Gibson

God is faithful!! So excited to hear the news that you are done with chemo for a while. Praying for strength and encouragement these days. Miss you - when are you coming home???????

Cheryl Kleinschmidt Cheryl Kleinschmidt

Our prayers and best wishes are with you. California misses you, but we are happy to learn about your family and travel adventures. Love to you both, Cheryl & Merle

Carolyn Wolf Carolyn Wolf

Praying for you, Dear Carolyn. We will miss you tomorrow when Spice starts again!

Anne Phillips Anne Phillips

You are in our thoughts and are praying that all goes well. Feel His Spirit energize you and bring complete healing. May God's face shine on you and Chuck.

Mary Beth Gibson Mary Beth Gibson

Hi Carolyn... I am missing you! Sounds like things are going well. I have been praying that the doctors have GREAT wisdom (from above!) and know exactly what to do to get you back to full health SOON. Drew left to go back to school this week and Julie starts her Senior year next Wednesday. We have a house full of kids tonight - celebrating their last year of high school. Let's talk soon - love you!!

Anne Phillips Anne Phillips

HI Carolyn, I just spoke with Becky and she said all is looking well. Now that the kids left, Chuck can put up the "Gone Fishin' " sign!! Grab a book, cold drink and a pillow and relax in the boat! Remember Jesus enjoyed boating with His friends! Laura is attending training in Pasadena for three weeks. She will be going to Turkey for a year to teach. As you know, we pray for you daily. Blessings to you, Churck and family. FROG Forever Rely on God

Vicki Casey Vicki Casey

So thankful things are going well for you! So happy to see Becky and the kids yesterday! Much love to you and prayers for continued well being and success with treatment!

Pat Brighton Pat Brighton

Glad to hear that you are doing well. I pray for you every day