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Cars, Trucks, Trains.....and Cancer

If you love Conner and want to follow along as he kicks cancer to the curb, then join us here.

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Surgery 2

Conner has had a long, tough and frustrating week. Unfortunately, the chest tube that was inserted on Monday is not draining all of the fluid around his right lung. There is "debris" (blood clots) that won't pass through the small tube they inserted. After a week of trouble shooting, talking and more talking, Conner will have a Thoracoscopy tomorrow. This will enable the surgical team to see exactly what they have to remove and then clean out the gunk that won't drain. He will have another, larger chest tube inserted after the surgery that will hopeful continue to drain the fluid that his tumor is still making. Because his tumor is still making fluid and not all of what we initially had is gone, we are back at where we were at admittance on Monday. The Cisplatin (chemo) can not be inserted into the lung until the lung has been fully drained and his tumor is still actively making fluid so it's a tight timeline we are going to walk this week. Conner is uncomfortable with bouts of severe pain. As the fluid reaches the top of his lung, he has extreme back and neck pain and the chest tube is so sore he can't move much or get any comfort while laying in bed. Trying to just poop took us three days of trying to find a comfortable position that didn't hurt or pull at his chest tube and each attempt ended up in 45  minutes of tears. He is just so over being in the hospital and another surgery is overwhelming. He is hanging tough though. Bryan happened upon Jeep in the hallway on Wednesday and Jeep came to hang out in our room. When Jeep left, Conner said "Jeep made it a good day." As a mom, after horrible, sleepless nights, 15 minutes with Jeep is the greatest blessing. 

Please just keep praying for Conner. I have faith that the surgery tomorrow will drain the fluid so we can insert the Cisplatin and coat the lungs and keep the tumor from making fluid. This is a big bump in the road for us but we are hopeful that it is indeed a hurdle we will overcome so we can go back to fighting cancer. 

My brother-in-law, Travis Cook, (Tyler's husband) is running the Miami Marathon on Sunday, January 28th to Outrun Osteosarcoma in honor of Conner. The second annual FACTOR (Funding. Awareness. Collaborations. Trials. Osteosarcoma Research) meeting is being held in Miami later next week and the meeting will end with loved ones of OsteoWarriors and OsteoAngels running the marathon to Outrun Osteosarcoma. Learn more about it here. I encourage everyone to run, walk, stroll, bike, skate, scooter, skip, hop, anything on that Sunday to Outrun Osteosarcoma. Take a selfie or group picture and tag #outrunningosteosarcoma, #cmaccrossan so Conner and all of his fellow OsteoWarriors see the love, support and courage to outrun this dreadful disease. 

For the past few months, we have been living with cancer. Now, we are actively fighting and it feels different. It's hard. Really hard. I have more dark moments than I have had before but I refuse to be dragged into the darkness. We will stay in the light and we will keep fighting and we will keep praying and we will keep the faith. We can do this because we have all of you doing it with us. Thank you. We love you. 


Conner, Casey and Bryan

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