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Cars, Trucks, Trains.....and Cancer

If you love Conner and want to follow along as he kicks cancer to the curb, then join us here.

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Posted 2019-07-02T17:38:35Z


Conner, Bryan and I would like to introduce you to C3. C3 is our non-profit that we hope will provide compassion, foster courage, and give control to childhood cancer patients and their families.  Our mission is to empower childhood cancer patients to take control of their life during treatment. By providing tablets and headphones to patients, we allow them the opportunity to choose when they need to tune out cancer and tune in to being a normal kid.  

As most of you probably remember, Conner was always pictured with an animal or with his headphones on during his fight against osteosarcoma. As soon as we walked into the clinic and sat down in the waiting room, Conner put on his headphones and pulled out his iPad. When we were in-patient, the headphones were on all day and as soon as he woke up in the morning, he reached for them. I believe the headphones represented "control" to Conner. At a time in his life where he was unable to make a lot of decisions for himself, Conner could put on headphones and tune into his favorite shows, his friends, gaming videos or just silence and tune out cancer. You will see that we use the phrase Tune In 2 Tune Out as our tagline. We are so fortunate that Stephanie Sassenberg (as I type her name, I can hear Conner saying "Stephanie said I could") took our thoughts and ideas and turned them into the perfect reality. Because of Stephanie and her design team, Bryan and I will be able to fill the super cool boxes that you see pictured with noise-canceling headphones, a tablet, and gaming gift cards (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc) and deliver them to children in treatment for cancer. Included in each box will also be a note from Conner and our story (see card pictured). They were able to digitize his handwriting so the note is truly from him!

While we don't use the word Community as part of C3, please know it's represented, it's the biggest "C". Without our community, without all of you supporting us, we would never have had the courage to battle osteosarcoma. And I can promise you we would not have the courage to continue the battle without Conner. When I get to deliver that first C3 box to a child laying in a hospital bed having to face the unimaginable, YOU ARE ALL GOING TO BE THERE WITH ME. We will be doing this together. We will be doing this in memory of Conner, in honor of all of you and in the hopes that we provide kids with compassion, courage, and control. 

I will continue to keep you updated on C3 and all of our plans. When you think of us, say a prayer that Conner likes what we are doing and that we can be a resource for families in need. 

With love and hope, 

Conner, Bryan, and Casey





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