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Cars, Trucks, Trains.....and Cancer

If you love Conner and want to follow along as he kicks cancer to the curb, then join us here.

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Conner's Celebration of Life

We will have a Celebration of Life in honor of Conner on Sunday, April 15th at 3:30pm at Oak Ridge Elementary School in Oak Ridge, NC. There is no better place to host this celebration than the school he loved and where he and I spent so much time. The ceremony will be kid and family friendly, casual (no black, shorts/jeans okay) and uplifting. We invite everyone to attend; even if you didn't know Conner, you loved him and you loved us and we would be honored for you to join us. 

If you would like to speak at the Celebration or if you would like someone to speak on your behalf by reading a letter, poem, bible verse, or sharing a special memory or story,  please let me know. 

Conner was an 11 year old boy and flowers would be totally lost on him so he would love it if you would donate to one of his favorite charities in his honor.  I have those listed below. Ruff Love is the rescue organization where we adopted our Cally from and as you all know, MIB is Making it Better for kids with Osteosarcoma and Conner has a Research Fund where 100% of the proceeds goes to funding research for new, less toxic and more effective treatment options. 

If you have any questions or concerns, you can message me privately through this blog or email me at


Ruff Love Rescue

(above is PayPal link - it will say Emergency Services and this is okay - they have denoted this as Conner's memorial fund)

Ruff Love Rescue Memorial Form

(above is downloadable PDF in case you want to mail a check or submit credit card without using PayPal)

MIB - Conner's Research Fund


Please continue to pray for our family. We have such a hole in our hearts. I just keep waiting to hear him running up the stairs from the basement wanting me to make him a snack. It just doesn't seem possible he is gone and he isn't coming back to me. It just hurts so bad. 


Conner, Casey and Bryan

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