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Cars, Trucks, Trains.....and Cancer

If you love Conner and want to follow along as he kicks cancer to the curb, then join us here.

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Life in Cleveland

As you can see, Conner has made lots of new friends. Although we have made some two-legged friends too, we prefer our four-legged friends! We have a whole new crew of dogs coming this week too so you should get to make their acquaintance soon. Our new friends pictured above are Rosie, Max, Dickens and Derby. Derby is the big Newfoundland and her and Max, the white Samoyed, were pretty amazing! We wanted to take them back to our room and cuddle for days. I know I keep talking about my restored faith in human compassion but people are just so amazing and have the biggest hearts. Every night a local group of some kind, friends, co-workers, high school groups, and charitable organizations, come and cook dinner for the guests at Ronald McDonald House. For a lot of families here with multiple children and with no car, this is a precious gift each night. These same groups offer activities for the children nightly, pet therapy dogs come in with their gracious owners and the daily volunteers here at RMH will do anything for you. We are truly blessed to have had this experience and met so many families from all over the world. Everyone here has a child fighting something and I have surprisingly allowed myself to open up and share our story with the other families who share their stories. 

Right now, our daily schedule consists of walking to the brand new Taussing Cancer Center for radiation. Conner alternates between right leg and left arm each day. Next week, we will start his pelvis as he has spots on both the right and left sides. After radiation is complete, we will have 14 days of out-patient chemotherapy. Conner will wear it like a backpack and it will slowly drip into him for 14 days. This is a pretty intense chemo regimen so the 14 day slow infusion is suppose to be better and slightly easier for the patient to manage. Conner and I have been exploring Cleveland we love it! We FINALLy found some cool shopping (we did not get to stay because he is still 10 and still has a 10 year old attention span when it comes to his mom "just looking") but we know it is there. We discovered Little Italy right down the street from us, the Natural History Museum and the Art Museum and we found a Whole Foods and Chipotle. We are settling in and enjoying what I try to make a "vacation" on the days he feels good and wants to explore. So far, the only side effects Conner has is just being tired and this is from the radiation. His entire radiology oncology team is very happy with how he is handling everything so we are excited with that news. 

Thank you for your continued support, prayers and love. People who were strangers to us a year ago (even a day ago) are now our closest friends and part of our family. Please keep Conner in your prayers and all of the children fighting a childhood disease. As a mom, you try to stay so positive but sometimes it will just bring you to your knees to see children downstairs at breakfast eating cereal and trying to put on a brave face when you know they don't feel good, you know they are scared and you know they are just so tired of having to be here away from home and going to the doctor everyday for another test or another treatment. 

We might explore a chocolate shop today so I will keep you posted on that discovery. Something about chocolate during stressful times makes everything better!


Conner, Casey and Bryan