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Cars, Trucks, Trains.....and Cancer

If you love Conner and want to follow along as he kicks cancer to the curb, then join us here.

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Lincoln's Waffles

Bryan and I attended the Outsmarting Osteosarcoma last Friday afternoon in Washington, DC. There were 16 proposals submitted this year in comparison to 9 last year for our inaugural year of the MIB Outsmarting Osteosarcoma grant. These are the grants that the Research Funds supported by OsteosWarriors and OsteoAngels pay for in hopes of finding new and less toxic treatments and therapies for our children. As Ann Graham, founder of MIB said so eloquently, "experts built the Titanic, Noah built the Ark. We need to be Ark builders."(If someone else more famous than Ann said this first then I apologize but I am quoting Ann in this post.) All of you are Ark builders. Because of your donations to Conner's Research Fund, Bryan and I had the opportunity to review all 16 proposals and then listen as Dr. Trucco Matteo of the Sylvester Cancer Center, Dr. Pete Anderson of the Cleveland Clinic and Dr. Rosie Kaplan of the NIH break down each proposal and explain the positives and negatives both from a scientific and clinical perspective. Sometimes what sounds good on paper doesn't translate into results in the clinic setting and for our kids who need desperately need treatment options now. Click here if you want to review all of the proposals. Everyone at the meeting voted on their top 3 submissions. Now, the family members who have Research Funds but were unable to attend the meeting will get the chance to vote on their top 3. The top 3 proposals will be announced on May 29th and then we will get to vote again to select the winner. I will let you know the top 3 when they are announced. 

When we were at the meeting, Ann gave a review of all of the projects that MIB has recently finished and is currently working on and WOW is she a powerhouse. Together, we will Make it Better for kids with Osteosarcoma and that includes all of you. One of the things Ann mentioned was all of the attention that Cheyenne's video had received. I realized I had not watched Chey's video yet and so I watched it last night. This is is folks - this is what it's like. Conner and I were actually at Cleveland Clinic to see Dr. Anderson when Ann and Cheyenne's family came to record what was suppose to be a look into what a chemotherapy treatment was like for a cancer patient. This video ended up being anything but a chemo treatment. You will see Dr. Anderson in this video, you will see Cleveland Clinic, you will see the Ronald McDonald House and you will see pediatric cancer. I beg you to watch this 8 minute video. This will make you realize that all of your efforts for Conner are so needed and that you are making a difference, a real, life changing, hope giving, miracle deserving difference. I will say, there is one inaccuracy in the video - there is NO WAY they moved all of their stuff into the RMH in one trip because let me tell you, it used to take me like 5!!!! Seriously, please watch this video. 

Now, I am sure you are all wondering why the title is Lincoln's Waffles when we have discussed raw, painful, heart wrenching, break families apart stuff. Conner, Bryan and I went to Washington, DC in 2014 and discovered Lincoln's Waffles. This is a hole in the wall breakfast place right across from Ford Theatre. Conner is a bacon connoisseur. We ate at Lincoln's Waffles for breakfast three days in a row. Why you ask? well, they serve extra crispy bacon. Bryan and I went back on Saturday morning and ate extra crispy bacon. (picture above is Conner in DC in 2014).

Until next time..... I love you all. Please keep Conner in your thoughts. I talk to him all day, everyday and I am sure he would love to hear from all of you too. Usually, he and I competed for air time so it's a little different to be doing all the talking; I have no doubt he is rolling his eyes and trying to interrupt me. 



Casey, Conner and Bryan 

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