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Posted 2020-04-04T02:36:18Z

Almost half way

Three weeks down! At a halfway point with the main treatment plan (this main radiation ends April 23, but is followed by four sessions of a different type of radiation the following two weeks).  It’s nice to celebrate a milestone, especially when I’m really starting to feel shitty.

Chemo sucks. Trying to figure it out with meds but this week I realize I need more help so making an appointment with a specialist to discuss nausea/etc from the chemo. This week hit me hard and Having a hard time keeping anything down, including water, so it was time for that step. 

My care team is amazing. If you didn’t see my IG post, they do fun things like notice my “mother fucking women” socks and so they played Kesha’s “women” for me. It was a great moment. So grateful how caring they are- not just physical health but mental health. 

I know things are so weird for all of us right now. I think it’s important now more than ever to try and keep each other positive and inspired. We can do this by continuing to share the positives. Maybe we can do a thing of sharing 5 things that make us happy? Mine:

1. Ava (duh haha). 2. Being surrounded by flowers and plants 3. Listening to my parents laugh at something 4. Listening to neighbor kids running around laughing and screaming and 5. Food delivery- i loveeeee my good delivery from Jamba Juice to upper crust pizza 🥰🥰🥰 

what are yours? Pictures welcome 😊

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