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LATEST JOURNAL ENTRY - 2020-05-08T03:42:00Z

It’s been a long road...

But it’s here! Tomorrow is my last day of treatment- thank god! One last day of feeling like shit and puking my brains out, hopefully (fingers crossed) forever! I’ve been off chemo for a couple weeks now, and already feel SO much better, but the sedation meds from the internal radiation make me feel awful. Thankfully it only lasts the day of, so I should be feeling fine by Saturday!

A huge, HUGE, shout out to my mom and dad.  My dad has driven me from Oceanside to La Jolla for every single appointment for basically two months+ straight. He’s also done a great job at dealing with Ava first thing in the morning when she is super hungry for breakfast (not what you want to deal with at 5:30am, which for some reason she thinks is her breakfast time). And then my wonderful mother, who helped me eat, made sure I took my medicines on time (I think I was up to 10 different meds at one point?) and was my general caretaker.  I’m sure you can all imagine that I might not be the most low maintenance person to take care of, but we got through it all.

And then to all of you, thank you. I have SO many cards, care packages, flowers, emails, text messages, likes, etc to count. You all got me through this awful period by reminding me of my strength, and trust me- it went a long way. Thank you all for spoiling me and being a light during this dark time.

So what’s next? Am I cured?! Stay tune for three months....   ugh, not even kidding. I don’t know why I expected to know right away if I was “cured” as soon as my treatment stopped, but I did. It just feels like kind of a huge letdown after finishing treatment to have to wait SO long for results, but it is what it is.  I have a one month follow up, and then at the three month mark is when I will redo all the scans and find out where I stand.

In the meantime, it’s trying to get back to normal. I am honestly super weak from being mostly bedridden for three months straight, so I’m going to continue to stay with my parents while I rebuild my strength. I miss my apartment so, but I need to be able to walk Ava around the block with confidence that I wont fall over haha. And then I’m actually looking forward to being back at work and having something different to think about!

So for now, that’s all. I love you all and wish you all health and wellness through this crazy Covid time!



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