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Posted 2020-02-17T17:15:24Z

Some good, some bad

Hi Everyone,

So the scans came back and delivered some bad news: it looks like the cancer has spread into the bottom set of lymph nodes on my abdomen. Basically, how it’s explained to me, we have 3 nodes on both sides of our abdomen, so they are seeing it in the bottom right and left ones.

Good news: they don’t see that is has spread to the other nodes nor anywhere else like my lungs.  I have another Dr appointment this Friday, where he will let me know if the stage of cancer has changed (it could stay the same, it could change, who knows).  Currently, everyone still remains positive about where everything stands, and the original treatment plan of radiation and chemo will not change.

More good news: I now qualify for a clinical trial! This trial is adding an additional type of chemo on top of the original treatment plan. The chemo is known to work very well for bladder cancer, and is thought to activate the immune system to help the body fight harder and amplify the other treatments I’ll be receiving.  UCSD is leading the trial, which is amazing because they see results happening from across the nation.  It seems very low risk, and since it adds to my treatment plan I think will be saying yes to participating (if was a change of treatment I would probably have more hesitations).

It looks like I will be finalizing my treatment plans this week. There might be a couple additional scans needed for the trial, but it seems I will be starting soon. It looks like I will be doing radiation M-F, with one day adding chemo, then another day a Dr visit. I was pretty impressed talking to this group and how they say they monitor everything very closely which is why a weekly Dr check in is needed. Radiation sounds pretty straightforward with not super negative side effects, but the chemo days sound like they will be rough (especially on the day(s) I am getting both types of chemo).

Again, everyone’s support has been so amazing and uplifting for both me and my family. I am focusing on regaining my strength from these past ER visits (finally feeling 90%!) but having all the love and support absolutely gave me strength the past few weeks when I was feeling weak.  Not looking forward to these next few months that sound uncomfortable, and to be honest real boring. So I am very glad to have all of you cheering me along :)

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