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Posted 2016-09-25T18:31:13Z

Maribeth's Helping Hands

To MB’s Buddies,

 We are reaching out to you all because so many of you have asked how you can help Maribeth and her family during these challenging times.  As you are aware Maribeth is due to have her port surgery this Tuesday and then commence her first chemotherapy treatment on Thursday 29th September.  So Lucy and I are trying to set up a meal delivery system as soon as possible to take some of the burden off the family.  If you are interested in helping please consider signing up at 

Once you click the link:

select ‘Join the Community’
complete the form to volunteer in MBs community
you will receive an email to say your membership is pending
Then an email to say your membership is accepted
Then lastly, one more that asks you to verify your email address & to sign in and accept terms of use.
Next click on a date(s) on the calendar to sign up for a meal. 

 I know it sounds a bit convoluted, but once you are registered its plain sailing!

 Here are a few guidelines to help us provide nutritious meals to help Maribeth and her family during her chemotherapy treatment (from Sept to March 2017).  Meals are for four people and need be easy reheat.  The meals can be very simple: a cooked protein and one cooked vegetable side. No need for a starch or desserts. A stewed/crock pot option (hearty) could count as both. No beef, if possible please, but loads of veg and no sugar please.

 There will be a cool box outside the door to leave the meal in.  Please consider using disposable containers so that the family does not have to worry about arranging getting dishes back to you.

 If anyone needs any guidelines on cancer friendly recipes while on chemo, please see the below links.  You will need to copy and paste into your web browser.  The last one is a free recipe app from the Dana Farber Cancer Institute you can download onto your I-phone.  We hope they help ;-)

an app for i-phone from Dana Farber with recipes for chemo patients



Thank you so much!  Lucy and Kirstin



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