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Posted 2018-05-10T20:44:00Z

The Sweet Sound of Ringing

We reached another milestone today, Dad had his last radiation treatment!  Mom surprised him and was there to catch him ringing the bell with all of the staff cheering as he left.  Everyone was a little emotional as this has been a crazy roller coaster of emotions over the last couple of months (I was crying in an aisle at Target when Mom sent me the video of Dad ringing the bell).  We wanted to say thank you again for all of your love and support throughout the first part of our journey.  For the next month we will be resting, recuperating and enjoying time with our family and and friends and will not be making any posts unless something changes.  We are hoping to post great news after Dad's next appointment on June 12th.  We love you all! [...]

Posted 2018-05-04T22:24:00Z

Cheers to Being Done with Chemo!

Dad finished his last chemo today and was able to ring the bell today to symbolize being done with this part of treatment!  We are all very grateful that he is done with chemo and his body can start to heal.  This has been a tough week- aside from the side effects from the treatments, Dad also developed Thrush which was super painful and annoying.  But with all of the at-home remedies Mom had him doing and finally getting his prescription for Swish and Swallow, he is on the mend!  Dad will have 4 more radiations next week (Monday-Thursday) and then he will be done with that as well! [...]

Posted 2018-04-28T01:27:03Z

Another Week is Done!

Dad finished up his 5th chemo today and another full week of radiation.  The good news is... next week will be his last chemo and he will only be doing 9 more radiation sessions!  Dr. Martin (from UVA) called Mom and Dad last night (yep.... last night at 7:30!) to let them know that over the last two days she had talked to all of Dad's doctor's that he had seen through VCU and in Williamsburg.  She has gotten copies of everything that she needed from them, but was still waiting to get the actual slides from Dad's biopsies.  With all of the new information that she is gotten, she is still very confident that taking out Dad's tumor is a very real possibility and the one that will give him the best odd's for long term survival.  We continue to be so impressed with her and the new amount of hope that she has given us has been a breath of fresh air. [...]

Posted 2018-04-24T19:58:42Z

Cautiously Optimistic

Cautiously Optimistic... that is our motto after our visit to UVA!  We left today's visit with a lot of hope and we definitely got some of the questions answered that we have been wondering about for a while.  Dr. Martin and her PA Brian looked over all of Dad's reports from all of his other doctors (they were super impressed with Mom's organization!).  Their main question was that they did not see conclusive proof that any of Dad's lymph nodes are cancerous.  While they were shown as reactive on the PET Scan, the biopsies that were done all came back negative.  There is still one lymph node in question, but there has never been a biopsy done on it. [...]

Posted 2018-04-22T19:29:45Z

67% Done!

When Brad, Mom and I were texting about how Dad's treatments went, Brad did the math and let us know that Dad is about 67% done!  Definitely a positive way to look at it!  Dad had a pretty good week and got through all of his radiation treatments (5 total) and his chemo on Friday.  Mondays are definitely his hardest days of not feeling great, but he is doing a great job of listening to his body and staying home and resting when he needs to (and we all know how hard that can be for him).  [...]

Posted 2018-04-06T19:23:00Z

Week 2 is Done!

Two chemo treatments down (4 to go) and 2 radiation treatments down (28 to go)!  Mom and Dad are getting into a "new" routine with all of Dad's treatments.  Dad still plans to go to work Monday-Thursday and will get his daily radiation in the afternoons.  He will have off on Fridays so that he can do his chemo in the mornings and then radiation in the afternoon.  Mom and Dad are currently working on getting some appointments set up at UVA for a second opinion.  While we have loved all of his doctor's so far, we want to make sure that we are doing everything possible so that Dad can kick cancer's butt!  [...]

Posted 2018-04-02T19:58:00Z

What's Been Going On

Many of you know that Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer at the end of January.  His tumor was found after he had an allergic reaction to a Z-Pack.  The following two months involved a lot of tests, waiting and uncertainty.  After many doctor's appointments and tests, including chest x-rays, CT scan, PET Scan, MRI, Bronoscopy and biopsies in the right and left lungs, we have been told that his lung cancer is Stage 3A (non-operable) and is confined to his left lung.  It is great news that it has not spread any where else.   [...]