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Posted 2018-06-26T22:28:22Z

Tears of Happiness

Dr. Martin came by Dad’s room a little before 5 and gave us the best news possible... Dad is cancer free!

All of the lymph nodes they took out were benign and the tumor that they took out was about a millimeter in size.  She was so pleased with the results.[...]

Posted 2018-06-23T18:40:09Z

3rd Day Post Op!

Mike and I made it up to UVA today to see Dad. He’s up and moving around some and doing well overall. He still has his chest tube in and I think we will feel much better once that comes out. He said that his pain is minimal unless he coughs or sneezes and then it is through the roof. He is trying to get up and walk at least 3 times a day.[...]

Posted 2018-06-20T21:15:44Z

Update #3

Dr. Martin just came down and Dad is out of surgery.   Everything went well and they believe that they got it all. She won’t know any final results until she gets all of the final reports back and everything goes in front of the tumor board here at UVA. They will start waking him up but he could be in recovery for a few hours before we can see him. Keep those prayers going as Dad starts the recovery process and that his pain stays in control. [...]

Posted 2018-06-20T14:50:00Z

Update #1

Aunt Jo Ann, Uncle Denny, Uncle Paul, Mike and I are hanging out in the surgical waiting area. Mom has gone up with Dad to complete all of the preop fun. She is able to stay with Dad until he goes back into surgery. We will update more as he goes into surgery. [...]

Posted 2018-06-19T20:23:00Z

Tomorrow is the Big Day!

Get the prayers going because tomorrow is the big day for Dad to say goodbye to his nasty little tumor!  Dad's surgery is scheduled for approximately 12:30 tomorrow.  The surgery will be about 4 hours and then he will spend close to 6 hours in recovery.  I will send quick updates through this tomorrow as we get information on his progress.  Please know that we do not get great cell phone reception at the hospital, so we are not ignoring anyone if we do not respond quickly to messages or phone calls.  Thank you again for all of your thoughts and prayers.  We love you all! [...]

Posted 2018-06-12T22:02:18Z

The Update We've Been Waiting For!

Mom, Dad and Aunt Jo Ann are on their way home right now from a long, but great day at UVA!  Dad went in for his PET scan a little before lunch time.  While he was getting his scan, Mom and Aunt Jo Ann went for a quick lunch at Roots on Main Street in Charlottesville (Mom said it was one of the best salads she has ever had!).  When Dad finished his scan, he was finally able to eat some lunch and then they waited for their appointment with Dr. Martin. [...]