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Charlie's Journey to a New Heart.

Charlie's Heart Journey. Join me on the Highs and Lows from my Pre-Evaluation to a new heart. Thank you in advance for sharing this journal, as well as your thoughts and[...] read more

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Thanks A lot, Charlottes Web!

So My baby cried himself to sleep tonight. He was watching a cartoon “Charlotte Web” on YouTube kids and she died. This boy was inconsolable, that I am going to die and leave him alone. I couldn’t handle the conversation so I sent him to his dad and he talked to him about the circle of life and if god calls anyone of us, that we have to leave. The good thing is we will see each other again, so he came in the room and got in bed beside me and started crying again saying mom I just want you to get a heart and be better.

So he’s lying beside me sleep and I’m just like gosh man my kid is scared that I’m going to die. Here I thought today was a good day. MC FINALLY called and I meet the docs in two weeks in Jacksonville, and yup I have to redo all my testing go figure(I can’t). I requested my mom to return home, in case MC say anything crazy like we want to admit you. My baby had an awesome day at VBS, then he came home and him and his dad played with his paint gun, when he got home from work. Then he went across the street to his friend house for an hr. Livvie she was just content with having a free day lol. I made taquitos and boom this Charlotte Web crap lol.  I texted peanut butter and jelly and told them what happen.

Peanut Butter said: Oh no! My poor baby!!!! Well, we aren’t gonna let you die, not even if you wanted to so, rest easy. I know it’s so hard tho, especially for him to wrap his little mind around. He loves his mommy!!! 

Jelly said: Poor baby!!!!! 😭😭😭 I was worried about him when wonder park came on and actually thought to myself “thank goodness DeShon not here” 

I told them that was my selfish reason why I didn’t want kids when we first got married, my heart broke into a billion pieces when my grandmother past away and I said I didn’t want any of my kids to ever feel that pain, so I was t having any. Then lol when they tell you that you can’t have something, that’s when you want it more. Lol now we are a family of Four.🥰

Go figure a cartoon would trigger so many feelings, guess Lion King is a no go! 😒

Mood: Pleasant until 10:30 when C made me cry.

Book: Zen as F*ck

Food: Cream cheese and chicken taquitos.

*Note to self: proof all cartoons from this day fwd.

Goal: go online and start my Target Drive up order. 







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