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Posted 2019-11-12T05:26:08Z

EMS providers worst nightmare!

Guess what every EMS providers's worst nightmare is? A trip to the ER as a patient! Yep, that was me last Monday. It's like Hotel California, "you may never leave." Eight days and still counting, so what are the positive sides of being an in-patient? Well, I'm one of the fortunate ones and got my own room after just 1 night in the E.R. Although I have to admit, listening to the hallways of the E.R. at night was quite entertaining. It's such an awful roller coaster ride trying to control pain and vomiting.The nurses never hesitated to treat my pain, they came locked and loaded with Dilaudid and zofran every time they entered my room lol. I'm a terrible patient because I had the worst low back pain in my life that radiated to the front, reminded me of a kidney stone until the front of my left thigh went completely numb. Infection was a huge concern, considering I had to have an emergency tooth extraction two days prior, in which the dentist accidentally shattered my tooth that was in front of it and yes I am using the past tense "was in front and no longer is". Lost two teeth that day and now need implants.

Currently I have my own room on the 5th floor with an awesome view of ALNW flying in through the trees and right by my window when preparing to land at the E.R., so that's pretty cool. I can see the moon at night and get the morning sun. I know this is hard to believe, but kudos to the cafeteria for some pretty amazing food. The best part is Jenny works in CCU and Crystal works on the 6th floor, so it's a family affair:) They come see me on their breaks and lunch. Lee Brooks visits me on her infusion days and M3 pops in when possible. I have officially drank all the cranberry juice in the hospital!

Final diagnosis after ruling out infection and blood clots (although they are still evaluating my left leg), this is an old injury that has reared it's ugly head. The best part about the diagnosis, it has absolutely nothing to do with my cancer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So why 8 days as an in patient? My pain hasn't been below a 5 all week and it hits 8,9,10 when I try to sit or lay on my back. I've had an MRI, CT, ultrasounds and two spinal solumedrol injections. No surgery needed, whoot whoot, per Dr. Sylvia Smitherman. I'm just inflamed, hmmmm sounds like my lymph nodes doesn't it? If I hear the word inflamed one more time this year............ I might as well be an erupting volcano. There is definitely one thing I learned today is; never ever, ever, ever, ever, strain when you have low back pain! Note to self! The biggest issue we are having, is every time my pain goes above 6 my blood pressure goes through the roof. One day it hit 195/114, after the nurses took it 4 times and one of those times was manually, they finally believed it. There was a short debate on giving me a blood pressure pill and that's when I had to pipe in and say, how about a little more dilaudid before you start chasing zebras. There is no zebras in the room, this is simply a pain response. I know it's hard to believe, but some people really do have true pain. I'm a pretty tough cookie, after all, I gave natural child birth to all my children, but I know when it's time to raise the white flag. The Dr. doesn't want to release me until my pain is manageable. My girlfriend brought me the cutest stuffed dog that fits perfectly in my neck for support and I have named him Dilaudid with the nick name of "Dilly Dilly."

Best part about tonight? The Seahawks just kicked the 49 whiners butt!! 

Pray I get released tomorrow, I miss my pups, my bed, my hot tub and most of all my life! Definitely going to have a burning of 2019 party!!! Thank you all for taking the time to read my journal entry. God Bless and good night!

Dilly Dilly!

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