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Posted 2019-07-26T08:11:25Z

"My hiney's clean, I'm Charmin clean:)"

Three month check up today...................STAGE 0!!!!!! MRI, blood tests and scope procedure checked off! Still waiting on the cancer markers but everything else points to stage 0. I am grateful, humbled, blessed and yet still sad. With all the visits to the SCCA you see a whole other world of suffering and sadness. I can't help but look around and I see what cancer is doing to their bodies and souls. I see worried families and the only people smiling is the staff that is so kind and compassionate. I'm truly one of the lucky ones and I know it. Hundreds of people walk that building searching for cures. It's like a world between life and death and no one wants to be there being poked, prodded, examined, x-rayed, injected and talked about. The only thing we all cling to is hope. Without hope you have nothing. You hope to be one of the lucky ones that kicks cancers ass and defies the odds. What about the people that don't have good insurance and have to beg for the treatment and tests that are needed. Time is critical when it comes to beating cancer. I see patients show up alone for their treatment and I cry inside for them. My heart aches for everyone in that building and it's a pain I will never forget. CANCER SUCKS and I pray everyday for a cure.

I am so blessed to have my life back! I will cherish everyday with my family and friends and re-prioritize what is important.

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