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LATEST JOURNAL ENTRY - 2020-01-01T18:53:32Z

2020 starts with good news!

Happy New Year to all my friends and family,

It's starting out pretty awesome! Update on my cancer, Dr. Saunders was able to remove the hardware in my colon that was placed back in June after my procedure. He see's no sign of cancer and I don't have to return for 6 months whoohoo!!

Update on my back injury in November, I received another steroid injection yesterday and Dr. Halpin feels I will not need surgery and just keep working on rehabbing. My new years goal is to take 15 pounds off and hit the gym way more regularly. I am a fair weathered, outdoor workout kind of person, so winter is really hard for me. I really hate going to the gym, I hate the way they smell and don't do well around crowds and the gym is always crowded. In the summer I love to bike, work hard in my yard and take day hikes. I really miss running, but those days are over for me. I'm trying to save for a peloton bike, I think those look awesome and entertaining for the winter. 

Here's to a healthy, happy and prosperous new year. 2019 definitely made me reflect on my life and what's important, but "I'm good now God", so please no more lessons, setbacks, or trials and tribulations. Time to enjoy life!



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