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Good morning everyone,

I wanted to post an update because I know a lot of you are wondering when I will be back to work. I had to go to the University of Washington yesterday for another procedure to find out why I am having healing issues from the "bearclaw" procedure. Honestly, I don't know anyone that wouldn't have issues with a "bearclaw" lol. Anyway without going into to much gross detail, I have started slowly bleeding. Come to find out, I have metal clips placed in me to help keep things together while I heal. These clips stay in place for a couple of months and then work their way off on their own. Honestly Jenny and I remember something about this but thought it was referencing the "bearclaw." I don't think we could get that vision out of our head and we just couldn't process beyond that lol (I'm being funny here) but it's true. As all you women know it can be exhausting to have a slow bleed ongoing (sorry guys) lol. I have to take some measures that requires I am close to a restroom to help heal (too much info?? sorry:-). 

Ok enough said, Dr. Krane has decided to keep me off work until the end of July. This will allow time to heal and will also allow for all the tests to be re-done in the third week of July to make sure nothing has changed with my cancer that went from stage 1, to stage 3, to stage 0 ugh (still wrapping my head around that one). The pathologist believes that if I just have lymphoid inflammation it should begin to go down. If it does not, they may have to look at other reasons than cancer as to  why. I really miss everyone and I really miss my work (honestly I do). However, this time is giving me a chance to process everything. When your world gets turned upside down and then they tell you "ooops just kiddng we think" it can really mess with your head. I'm spending time in my garden, with my family and with my pups. Please feel free to reach out to me at anytime 360-791-2231 and thank you again for taking the time to read my posts. 

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