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Chris Smith's Journey with ALS

Welcome to the Chris B. Smith PostHope site. This site is for family and friends and will serve as the primary source for updates on Chris.

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Posted 2020-03-18T17:49:00Z

Boston Work and Play

Chris was back in Boston at the end of last month for a follow-up appointment with his doctor at MGH and to start a clinical trial. Below he shares some commentary on his busy two days in Massachusetts: 


You wouldn’t believe what Cameron did to design ramps to get me on the plane for my latest trip up to Boston at the end of February. He is not only the “Minister of Fun” but also the “Minister of Engineering!” Eddie, Sam, and Cameron all accompanied me to MGH for my check-up with Merit  (Dr. Cudkowicz if you dare try to pronounce that).

Eddie, Sam, and Chris

The following day, I started a clinical trial* that will keep me going back to Boston every 2 weeks for a total of 12 infusions. In between my two days of appointments, I was able to meet up for dinner with good friends from the America’s Cup days in Australia. Don’t worry, there were no old photos shared nor lies told! It was great catching up with Anson Stookey and Beau and Kathy LeBlanc.

Beau LeBlanc, Chris, and Anson Stookey
We had a big family trip to Las Vegas the second week of March so look for some good stories and photos in our next Journal post.

Chris is practicing some serious social distancing during this COVID-19 scare and will be down at the Farm for a few weeks. He is looking forward to having visitors again soon but please feel free to post comments here where he will see them. He really appreciates hearing from all of you!

* Chris is participating in a clinical trial at MGH, testing an immunotherapy drug that targets an immune system protein responsible for high inflammation seen in ALS patients. 

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