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Posted 2018-03-11T12:51:14Z

Update - March 11th, 2018

Friday marked one week in the hospital for Chris.  More tests, another scan and on Thursday, he started his second treatment with the new Chemo.  They have also determined that Chris needs to start receiving nutrition through his port as the struggle to remain hydrated and get the number of calories per day he needs has become too overwhelming.  The process of getting nutrition is a slow one as they need to make sure they get the formula correct.  The decision wasn’t made until Thursday, and let me just say when Chris found out that he wouldn’t discharge untill Tuesday, he was less than pleased.

This has been a difficult week, even using Chris’ scale.  Being involved with this so closely for so long now, you start to lose perspective of what it means to have a ‘normal’ day.  Days that were considered bad 4 months ago, would be a dream day today.

This week, I watched my son struggle through things no human should ever have to go through.  I lack the vocabulary or intelligence to articulate the fight, never give up attitude and the mental strength he displays daily through all of this.  He has set a standard that I know I will never be able to match.  We pray the treatment begins working fast.  We also pray that the DNA testing comes back with new hope of a promising trial.  We ask you to join us in this prayer.

We have a surprise we are going share with Chris very soon.  We are excited to give him something to look forward to and try to keep his spirits high.  The team of doctors and nurses are going to work with us to help us through any obstacles.  Once we have announced it, we will share it with everyone.

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