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Christine Kicks Cancer

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Posted 2019-12-21T14:57:56Z

A very Merry Christmas for me!

This was a very good week!

On Tuesday I got my second tube out.  What a relief!  It still baffles me that I could not feel them take it out.  I know the tubes play a very important role in the healing process, but I certainly won’t miss them.

Thursday was the big day with my post-op appointment with the surgical team, as well as a meeting with my medical oncologist to discuss the treatment plan going forward.  The meeting with the surgical team was without incident.  It’s crazy that after this meeting I am all done with the surgical team.  As I went into this, I kept reminding myself this was something I was going through, and that I would at some point look back at my cancer experience in rear view; and just like that… saying my good-byes to my surgical team.  (And I loved them!  If you ever know someone needing a surgical oncologist, I highly recommend Dr. Dominici!)

Next up, the medical oncologist.  Dr. Meyer was thrilled with my pathology report.  She said she hasn’t seen such a good pathology report in a long time.  YAY! YAY! YAY!  No chemotherapy, no radiation.  MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!!! 

She did prescribe tamoxifen ( that I will have to take daily for the next five years.  This drug should help ensure that I don’t develop breast cancer in the other breast or in the chest wall.  It is prescribed more as a precautionary drug as she is quite optimistic that I won’t develop additional cancer.  I will see someone from her team in three months to check in on how the tamoxifen is going and then I will only have annual visits with her team along with annual mammograms.  That’s it.  Just annual mammograms.  I pushed back asking if I should have additional testing annually to ensure we detect any additional cancer, i.e. MRIs or ultrasounds; she is confident this is unnecessary.  She let me know that if anything comes up at all, she is always there for me, but she is most certain that whatever may come up won’t be cancer.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Just like that!  I am cancer free!  I AM CANCER FREE!!!!!

Friday, I met with plastic surgery again.  I’m not sure if it was because I knew what to expect, or that I am just feeling better overall, but the expansion process was much less stressful and really not painful at all.  I attached a photo of the syringe the use as well as the magnet.  This week she put in 80ML of saline (1/3 cup) and last week she put in 60ML (1/4) cup.  I will keep meeting with plastics weekly or every other week until the implant is in.  The end is in sight. 

Now for the super exciting news.  I got my privileges back…  I can shower!  I can wear deodorant! (super exciting for those who spend time with me)!  I can drive! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!

I really want to thank each of you for your thoughts, prayers, note cards, food, flowers, and other reminders that you are thinking of me.  You have lessened the load and reminded me of how truly fortunate I am.  THANK YOU!

I hope you have a truly wonderful holiday.

Xoxo- Christine

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