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We are the Churchills: Alex, Jessica, and 9 year old twins, Haldora Caroline and Hunt. After a long battle with T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia for Haldora, we thoug[...] read more

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Welcome to our site at  We had been using CarePages as a way to keep everyone updated since Haldora's first big diagnosis back in 2011, but sadly they are shutting down at the end of October.  Shucks...   After a lot of research (because, of course!), we decided to restart here.  Since you made the long journey, here's the latest...

As you know, we decided ultimately to delay the surgery after considerable thought, deliberation, and consultation.  We are going to have her re-scanned the Monday after Thanksgiving and will go from there.  I guess it's a blessing we have the ability to consult and make decisions (unlike last time), but it certainly feels like we are sitting under the sword of Damocles.  

Haldora is doing great, and talks about the tumor and surgery less and less.  She's loving school this year, as is Hunt, and just started Girls on the Run.  They are both still playing soccer, in sports club, and playing chess.  Focus now is on Halloween.  Haldora will be Wonder Woman (of course!!) and Hunt will be Elvis.  

Thanks for making the journey here ... and with us.   More to come.  

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