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Cindy Lu

We will be posting updates and prayer requests for Cindy Lu as she battles Stage III ovarian cancer.

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Que Paso (What Happened)

September 13, 2017

On August 29th I went to work feeling fairly well.  In the morning all seemed well.  I went to my back office and around 12:30ish, I told my co-worker that I felt out of sorts.  I starting stuttering a bit and was really having trouble writing.  I brushed it off as tired.  I then when to the house that I oversee, I was going to do a bit of charting and filing.  When I got to the computer, what would have normally taken me a minute to type took over 15.  I could not seem to get the right hand to corporate.  I left work in total frustration.


Wednesday morning, I had received a text from a friend.  I tried to reply but my right hand would not function properly.  I walked upstairs and told Jessica that something was wrong.  I just a couple hours I could not get a sentence out without stuttering.  I was going to wait a day because I had an oncology follow up the next day.  I looked in the bathroom mirror and smiled, my smile drooped to the right.  I closed my eyes lifted my arms and the right was about five inches lower.  Well in my mind that was two of the three signs of a stroke.  While my speech was not slurred, it was nonetheless not normal.


I reluctantly called 911.  I had a nice bumpy ride to the University hospital.  Long story short, an MRI showed what they considered at the time that the tumors were growing back.  The symptoms were resulting from the inflammation.  I was back and forth on them admitting me.  I am glad they let me go home.  The neurologist, via his fellow, said that I would probably have Gamma Knife again, or that it would require surgery.  They left it that the neurologist would call me either Thursday or Friday.


Meanwhile, I had my oncology follow up on Thursday.  We discussed the previous day’s events, etc.  As respects maintenance chemotherapy, it will be on hold until this whole brain thing is resolved.  The chemo will cause low hemoglobin and platelets, which put me at risk should surgery be warranted.  So I am again on driving and work restriction.  My oncologist said that the radiologist (who is a partner with my regular radiologist), had a different interpretation of the MRI.  Hers was that the tumors were actually dying off and the inflammation was a result of that and not cell growth. 


Tuesday (after the long holiday), the neurologist called.  He had met with my radiologist to review the images and he concurred that it is cell death.  So I will have a repeat MRI on October 20.  The first thing that come, to mind is Mercyme’s song, ‘You’re a Good, Good Father.’


I am currently on a steroid.  As in the past these little buggers do a lot with my sleep.  I am up at all hours of the night with lots of energy.  I am filling the time reading, devotions, and praying – sometimes a get a few games of Sudoku in.  During the day, I nap when I can.


I need to back way up to Wednesday morning.  During my quiet time, I felt impressed with the question, “Cindy, what has changed between yesterday and today?  Instantly my mind went to the medical, but it was quickly cut short.  I then replied in my mind – “Nothing, God, You are still the Sovereign, You and still good, and You still love me – nothing has changed.”  This has sustained me thorough this whole ordeal. 


I pray that our good, good Father will encompass you with His sovereignty, His goodness, and His love for you.  If you do not know the Lord in a personal way, I would love for you to reach out to Him today, for His strength during times of crises is so beautifully peaceful.  He who can speak to the human heart to still fear – is there for the asking – if you only ask...  If you would like, we can dialogue via Facebook or you can Message me.


Prayer requests:

o          No surgery needed

o          Able to start the chemotherapy

o          Sleep


Love in Jesus,



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