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Cindy Lu

We will be posting updates and prayer requests for Cindy Lu as she battles Stage III ovarian cancer.

Latest journal entry

Chemo round two not so good

I had my second round of chemo last Friday. Saturday morning I had the steroid high - so did laundry and cleaned. Saturday night crashed as nausea set in. By Sunday had dry heaves-- bile is so disgusting. Monday I literally prayed for the Lord to take me home. Obviously He did not answer me cuz I am here writing this. On Tuesday I called the nurse line as I was worried about dehydration.

Long story short. I will able to eat yesterday (Thursday) and keep it down. Doing well today but have to stay on top of the meds. 

I am not looking forward to next round in April. Please pray for me because I really want to quit and not do anymore treatment. 

I thank God for all of you -- for your prayers and encouragement. 

Apologize for errors as I am typing this on my cell.