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This is a page of news and support as Cindy and her family deal with her lung cancer

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Posted 2019-05-03T03:01:48Z

First Journal Entry

Hi friends and family,

Cindy has had a persistent cough since Feb/March and had it checked out first with an X-ray, then a CT scan and finally a biopsy. Unfortunately, the biopsy found lung cancer. 

We think we caught it early but it is a complicated case due to the location of the tumor and the underlying scleroderma (which is unrelated to the tumor). The doctors have ruled out carcinoma and sarcoma and are doing more stains on the tumor to identify the type of cancer. Here are a few phrases from the doctors to fill in a couple of the blanks: It is a "pleomorphic malignant neoplasm" it also seems to be non-small cell lung cancer.  But both of those are big classes of cancers. It is in the left hilar of the lung which means it is where the major bronchi and the pulmonary artery are located.  And it "either arises from or invades into the adjacent pulmonary artery" of the left upper and left lower lobes of the lung. All is to say, this is a complicated case of lung cancer.

Cindy has a PET scan and a brain MRI scheduled for Friday morning to see if there is cancer anywhere else in her body. 

We are receiving care at the UCSF Thoracic Surgery and Oncology Center, one of the best cancer centers in the country. We are very happy with the care we are getting. The hope, shared by us and the “tumor board” (the pulmonologist, oncologists, thoracic surgeons and pathologists) met this week and discussed the case in detail. Their hope is that the mass will prove to be resectable, or removable through surgery.  Given its location, that will be a complex undertaking, but we are with the best team to do it.

We will use this site to keep medical updates and, once we have a treatment plan, to ask for help from our wonderful community (we are guessing mostly meals, but who knows?).

Love and gratitude and hope,

Cindy and Curtis

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