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Cindy's Cancer Fight

A chronicle of Cindy's fight against Gallbladder Cancer. NOTE: To get updates on this site, you must click on "follow". The password is cindysfight

Latest journal entry

Chemo update

Cindy had her first Chemo treatment yesterday and in her words she said "it went really well." " The chair was comfortable, the staff was very attentive and they brought lunch."  So happy to report that she was feeling good after the treatment and also feeling great today.  This is true to what the nurse told her, that she would feel good for 3-4 days after treatment but then she will be hit with extreme fatigue around Tuesday.  So she is trying to do things while she is feeling well but also trying not to over do things.

Cindy is receiving her Chemo through a Port that she had placed in her chest.  This will be where she will get all chemo treatments and they can also draw her blood from it.  This port will prevent the veins in her hand and arm from becoming damaged and it is very easy to access.  She said that when the nurse put the IV in the port it was no more painful than a shot.  If it ever becomes intolerable for her, the doctor has prescribed a numbing cream that she can apply to the port prior to her treatment.  



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