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Posted 2017-08-14T16:30:19Z


We have created this site to keep Clara's (Mela, Claire or whatever you know here by) many friends, family and loved ones up to date on her current situation. Her family felt this website was a good way to keep everyone informed on what's going on-- this way we can let everyone know at once and not forget anyone or any news. And it's a great way for you to send her well wishes, prayers and encouraging thoughts.

Mom was not feeling well for a week or so. It got to her so much she went to the doctor and they sent her to the hospital. There they discovered that ducts that are left in after the removal of her gallbladder many years ago were blocked. They put in a stent to fix this situation and helped to relieve the inflammation it caused. And at his point they did some tissue samples of the area and deemed them suspicious. Further tests showed she had cancer in her pancreas, which as all forms of cancer is very serious. Her first prognosis gave her not many options-- and none of them very good.

Thankfully after a second MRI we were given some encouraging news-- and any news that gives us some hope is good news. Because of the inflammation they feel that they may have discovered this in an early stage at least sooner than if the tumor itself was the cause of her illness, which at that point not much could be done. So it looks like the tumor is rather small and has been detected early. Also because it was found at the site of the inflammation it appears to be at the head of the pancreas, not somewhere within the organ itself.  

This information has opened up some new possible options which are much better than what we were initially dealing with. So although we are at the beginning of what will surely be a trying journey we are hoping for more good news along the way.

You all know mom is one tough cookie. She is feeling well and is determined to give it all she's got--- so watch out!!! Right now it is important for her to keep her strength & health up and keep in good spirits. Eating well, getting her rest are all important.

We encourage all to use this site to send her your prayers, well wishes and encouraging thoughts and she can read them all here. We know she has touched many people in her life and we know all want all the best for her. And we thank you for that!!

All the best,

Clara, Angelo, Angelo, Claire, Rick, Ricky and Gracie

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