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Clinical Trial Funds

David is participating in clinical trial at OSU in Columbus, OH. We're not sure if we can cover the expense of such a trip, but he cannot turn this opportunity down. The [...] read more

LATEST JOURNAL ENTRY - 2016-01-20T00:15:34Z

January 18, 2016

Yesterday David had to visit the orthopedic oncologist for a follow-up visit. The PA stated he had bulging disks and a lot of arthritis in his back and the pain in his back and leg were due to these disks pressing on the nerves around them. He has to start physical therapy (God knows how he'll do this). Also, he had another large dose of radiation to try to control his pain. Sometimes I don't know how cancer patients endure the procedures they have to go through. David is pretty tough though and he's hanging in there. Whatever it takes to get rid of the cancer. Now he's going through all the side effects...pain, nausea, etc. Hopefully it won't last long. #cancersucks

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