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Clint and His Fight Against Cancer

About three months ago, Clint was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma with signet cell features. This is a very rare and aggressive type of cancer. His life has been turned u[...] read more

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Posted 2020-03-25T00:30:40Z

March 2020 Update

A couple of weeks ago, Clint had a pretty bad week.  He was feeling very tired and a little confused at times, and unfortunately, in a lot of pain. The scar tissue where his ostomy bag site is. was where he was having most of his pain.  He couldn't sleep, he kept saying it was a pain he couldn't explain, and eventually he couldn't take it anymore.  Savanna took him to the hospital on Saturday, March 14, and he was admitted.  The doctor ordered a cat scan while trying to get his pain under control.  According to the scans, the cancer is spreading, which is causing his pain.  Clint stayed the night in the hospital while trying to regulate his pain meds and get him comfortable.  He was discharged on Sunday and is on the maximum pain medication that has given him some relief. 

Clint did see his oncologist, Dr. Rodriguez, the following week.  His doctor stated that he believes the cancer is between Clint's muscles and skin, and is why Clint is in constant pain with little relief. Clint is going to try another round of chemo next week to see if this will help.  Unfortunately, due to all of his kidney/urter problems, Clint has not been able to have regular scheduled chemo treatments.  At this point, chemo is Clint's only option on beating this nasty disease.  Yes, this has been very depressing news. We were all very hopeful that Clint would continue to get better once his kidney/urter issue was solved.  As a family, this is not what we were expecting to hear but we refuse to give up hope.

Please continue to pray for Clint and his beautiful family.  He has not quit fighting, but he's finding it more difficult to continue when he's in constant pain and/or he's back in the hospital.  We would LOVE a miracle right now so he could for once get back to normal.  In addition to asking for your prayers, please feel free to send him cards, texts, notes, or Facebook messages to help lift his spirits.  I know he would love to know how many people are pulling for him and this may be what he needs to find the strength to beat this cancer once and for all. 

Again, thank you to everyone that continues to check in with us.  It means the world to Clint and our family.  We love you all!!-


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