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Clint and His Fight Against Cancer

About three months ago, Clint was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma with signet cell features. This is a very rare and aggressive type of cancer. His life has been turned u[...] read more

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Update on Clint

We have not updated this site for a while, but we wanted people to know what's been happening with Clint.  He spent most of the summer healing from his 9 hour surgery to remove cancerous areas and any areas that could possibly turn into cancer.  In July he had a port installed in anticipation of having chemo.  When he saw his oncologist, he stated that he would order a cat scan and, if it came back clear, he would not start chemo yet.  It was clear, and the next scan was ordered for 6 weeks later.  This also came back clear.  So, Clint checked with his surgeon in Kansas City to see if he could have his ostomy bag removed.  He was given the go ahead by his doctor.

An appointment and surgery was scheduled for September 20th.  What should have been a simple procedure turned into an almost 2 week stay in the hospital with 2 additional surgeries.  Scar tissue from the high-pec chemo caused a tear in the repair.  This resulted in an infection which had to be cleaned out.  So, when Clint was released from KU Med Center, he had 3 drain tubes for the infection, a pic line for food and antibiotics, and an order to get 3 shots a day to slow the bowels so his tear could heal.  This has been another long healing process, as he is unable to eat or drink until this heals.  

Today Clint saw his oncologist who stated that although no cancer is showing up in his scans or blood work, it is still there and he will eventually need chemo to take care of it.  However, he will be unable to start until he is healed from the last surgeries.  He has an appointment with his surgeon in KC this Wednesday to hopefully get some answers and a plan for the future.  It is very frustrating for him, as he would like to get back to normal.  Unfortunately, we no longer know what that means. 

Since Clint is still healing,  he will be unable to work in construction and, if he needs to start chemo, he may not be able to go back to work for months.  He is checking into getting financial help, but if you have ideas of where to apply, they would be greatly appreciative.  An account is still open at Golden Belt Bank for any donations, and we still have some shirts to sell to help with expenses.  

Thank you so much for all your thoughts, prayers, donations, cards and visits.  Clint and his family greatly appreciate everything. Although there have been so many ups and downs with this diagnosis, Clint is doing his best to stay positive and take one day at a time.  He's determined to beat this.  With that being said, please continue to pray for healing and strength to get thru this ordeal. Your prayers and positive thoughts will help him continue to remain upbeat and positive while he fights this horrible disease.

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