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Posted 2018-11-19T04:35:21Z

In the Beginning

Hi Nancy and Cathy,

      This is an attempt to communicate regarding Mom and Dad.  It is hard for me to call you all the time:  it can be emotionally exhausting.  Thus this journal.  Hopefully we can share other infor. as well, such as lab results, etc.

        Wanted to share some really good news!!  You may already know this, but I talked to Mom this afternoon, and she is no longer has nausea.  She's had very little appetite since her hospital stay, and I didn't think about it much.  Well, I guess it's gotten worse, so that she hasn't been eating anything - thus the Urgent Care visit yesterday.  She was prescribed an anti-nausea drug, plus she's drinking an Ensure-like drink every day, and it's helping!!  The second thing was her large back brace.  I WAS aware of this one, and helped her call the MD at one point to get a smaller version.  Well, her MD referred her to the man who built the back brace.  Needless to say, he did away with many of the offending parts, and it fits her perfectly now!!

          The only other thing is that she has an MD appt on the 20th with her back surgeon (neurosurgeon).  Also, she's still on pain meds - about 3 pills/day (not sure of the mg).  The Urgernt Care MD recommended THC (marijuana) to help with the pain, but she chose not to pursue it.

          Thanksgiving is progressing ....... Michael and I and Gatsby are going down on Wednesday to help with all the prep, including the turkey, stuffing, green bean, mashed pot., jello salad and cranberry.  Audrey, Michael, Lilly, and Amy are arriving Thursday around noon.

         Hope you both have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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