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Posted 2015-01-06T02:14:00Z

Almost Home!!!

Well the holidays are finally over and our home is getting closer and closer to being ready to welcome Conan home. It is hard to believe that he really will be home with us soon!

Conan continues to progress beautifully. On Christmas Eve, Shannon went in at 7:30am for an early morning visit. Upon talking to the doctor, she learned that Conan would likely continue receiving oxygen through his cannula for another week, perhaps two weeks. However, the very next day when we went in for our visit, Conan's cannula was gone! As it turns out, his cannula had been removed two hours after Shannon's visit, and he was breathing so well without it, that it was permanently removed. It was such a wonderful Christmas surprise to see him without it! We also brought the girls into the hospital on Christmas Day so that they could finally see their brother for the very first time. Although they could not go inside the nursery, they were very excited to see him through the nursery window! 

Conan has also made good progress with his feeds. He has gone from approximately 50% feeds by mouth for most of this past week to 100% in the past two days. In fact, yesterday he pulled his NG tube out and the nurse decided not to reinsert it because he had been feeding so well and as of this morning, he is still nippling well, so his feeding tube is DONE! As of last night, he weighed 7lbs 5oz. His medications have also all been discontinued, so hopefully he will be going home without medications as well.

At this point, we are still not sure when he will be coming home. The criteria are: no desats or decels for three consecutive days and all feeds must be 100% by mouth and finished within 30 minutes... so whenever Conan is ready to meet those expectations, he will be ready to come home. That could be later this week, or it could be some time next week, we simply do not know what he will do. He is currently 37.5 weeks gestation which is still considered pre-term, so given everything he has been through and the long road he has traveled, he is doing amazingly well! 

We are so grateful for all of our amazing friends and family that have supported us on this long road through the NICU. Hopefully the next time we write an update, he will be safe and sound at home with his loving family!

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Comments (8)

  • Jill Seplowitz
    Jill Seplowitz

    YAYYY!!!! This is such a happy update. So glad the girls finally got a peek at their baby brother, and I'm sending you all the best for a successful homecoming. :) Happy New Year, Wolf family!!

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Wiski Lee
    Wiski Lee

    Such a fantastic update! Go Conan, go!!!!

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Hollie Butcher
    Hollie Butcher

    AMAZING! Way to go, Conan! So happy to hear such good news! Take care! Looking forward to the updates when he is finally able to be home with his family. Hollie

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Donald Wolf
    Donald Wolf

    Thanks so much for sharing your awesome news. I know you're busy with work and everything else. Conan will be home soon. I'm sure proud of you both for your time today and now I have real news to share at work tomorrow. Love GW

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Angela Andiorio
    Angela Andiorio

    Wonderful news! He is an amazing little person. I am so glad he keeps surprising you with all sorts of positive developments. I bet the girls were thrilled! Lots of love--you are still in our thoughts and prayers. Angela

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Melissa Maxey
    Melissa Maxey

    This is such wonderful news! I'm so happy he'll be coming home to you soon!

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Emily Sandoval
    Emily Sandoval

    This is wonderful news! Conan and you all have been in our thoughts. Continued wishes for strength and lots of happiness your way. -Emily & Jacques

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Dave Hamilton
    Dave Hamilton

    I was just referred to this blog, and it is really inspirational. My wife and I just had an emergency cesarean at 28wk1d for our twins, so we are at the beginning of this long and terrifying journey. Thank you for posting it, as it gives us hope, and i wish you guys amazing luck with everything.

    5 years ago · Reply
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