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There’s a major thunderstorm going on outside. Consequently, I’ve had a ridiculous migraine for the last five hours. It’s giving other people headaches too... which is strangely reassuring. Theirs aren't living pictures of the Wong-Baker scale, but, it takes a lot of skill to be this unbelievably, improbably... anecdotal.

I want to share a picture I took of my goddaughter Leviah yesterday... the Potter family lives in Memphis, about 6 hours from us, so we decided to meet halfway for the afternoon. It was a lot of driving on both parts, especially for Tim and Kim, with a two and four year old, but it was a labor of love. On Labor Day…

After lunch, we checked out a cute and kitschy tourist attraction called Pickle’s Gap Village. Among our discoveries, we found a bellybutton brush, a fabulous all-natural body butter, and a merry-go-round. The kids were, to say the least, overjoyed at the sight of coin-operated “rides” with personal gazebos. After some top-notch coaxing, Tim ran off to get change so that their, albeit fleeting, toddler dreams could come true.

It was a celebrated 60 seconds of glory as Leviah and Patrick rode the painted horsies to a cheerful carnival tune. The picture opportunity came when Bethany taught Leviah “Yee-Haw”. She rocked it.


 I haven’t been neglecting this blog on happenstance. God is teaching me some things about creativity and raw Christianity. It’s tempting to compartmentalize. “This blog is for my sick stories… Instagram is for my happy photos… This friend is for when I want to let loose, but I can’t tell her about my home life, because she wouldn’t understand.” We all do this. Perhaps it’s easier to divide and know which version of ourselves we should be and when, but maybe we’re just scared.

Tonight, I felt really crummy because of the storm and the partnering migraine. Illness has a way of making us think we are weak or useless or defective. I have found writing to be a fantastic fix.

It doesn’t take away my pain, but the mere act of creating something is empowering and inspiring. Rather than letting the pain disable me for the extent of that period of time, I push it to the backburner for a small time, because I won’t stand to be brought down to emotional despair. The success I feel in creating reminds me I’m not useless or weak at all. I’m strong enough to overcome my pain for a short while to share the uniqueness God gave me. I guess you could say this is my "celebrated 60 seconds of glory". Even if every day is a blazing hot day in a little roadside Arkansas town, I believe God can lead us to a shaded merry-go-round.

I can’t promise you’ll always read edgy topics and related personal stories. I can’t promise I’ll always write. I will always be honest and always seek to bring Glory to God through my posts. 


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  • Timothy Potter
    Timothy Potter

    well, of course this girl LOVES seeing herself here, and wanted to see pictures of you too (so I showed her). Yee-Haw, you rocked the capturing of this moment and what it means. Isn't everything from our childhoods just a microcosm of all that comes later?

    3 years ago · Reply
  • Colleen neilson
    Colleen neilson

    Beautiful Annie, your words are like personification. They give life to your writing. Not to minimize the real pain behind the words. I see real talent here. God has given you many gifts. You should write a book- I'm sure it would be a best seller!

    3 years ago · Reply

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